Is BIO X4 Smelled like a SCAM? Are these pills are well researched or fake? Does company respond after completing order Read complete story

If you are suffering from obesity and fatness and then what should you do? What are the possible options do you adopt to get rid of this disease? There are many ways to become slim and smart as liked you can join a gym and by taking exercise you can burn your calories. You can also use slimming teas and coffees which are abundantly available in the market. There are also belts are available in the market which are used to reduce your weight. You can also use slimming supplements for your body to diminish your fats and calories but do you think that after choosing all such possible option you can reduce your weight. No, there is not any guarantee. So today I’ll give you the advice that you once use the BIO X4. You will definitely get very good results. But here the question is that is BIO X4 a scam or genuine product? The manufacturer of this weight losing product claimed too much for it that it is miraculous and wonderful product. The maker of BIO X4 also makes too much noise on the official website of this weight losing product that after using it one will get many of the benefits and advantages from it and its formula is very good and beneficial for the health. So that by hearing too much about it I also decided to visit the official website of BIO X4. When I visited its certified website then I became shocked and my eye were widened by seeing that this ‘miraculous’ and ‘astounding’ is only sold on its official website and is not available in the markets and shops. Then the first thought which blinked in my mind was that BIO X4 is not approved by FDA because the products which are licensed and authorized by FDA are allowed to sell in the markets and they are easily available from the markets. So I wrote this article for the people to show them the right path.


Explore the weight losing product

When any of the product and supplement is launched in the market then the producer claimed too much about that product and after using that product if you get the many of the good results then it is sure that you will share that product with your friends and family members so that they can also get the good results from it and after using that product if you will get the side effects and bad results from it then you will never share that product with any of your loving ones. The manufacturer claimed that BIO X4 is and advanced and highly developed weight losing product which is specially manufactured for those people who are suffering by fatness and overweight and fed up by using the cheap and low quality weight losing products so it is the challenge of the manufacturer of this weight reducing product that you once give the chance to BIO X4 and you will surely use it again and again. The manufacturer makes one thing clear to you that it is a misconception and rumors about BIO X4 is only a weight losing product but the fact is that BIO X4 is, on the one hand, a body building product but on the other hand it is also an appetite suppresser and metabolic system accelerator product. The manufacturer also claimed that there are no filler, zero binders and zero artificial, corrosive and chemical contents are added to this weight losing product.

Is it according to the claims of its manufacturer?

When any of the product and supplement is launched in the market then the producer claimed too much about that product. If you search in the market then you will find many of the weight losing products in the market at very low and cheap rates but using those products is complete foolishness because they are manufactured from all of the cheap and below the standard ingredients. But the question is that is BIO X4 is safe and good for use? The answer is no because the there are many of the contradictions between the claims of the manufacturer and the real facts. The manufactured has claimed that BIO X4 is prepared at GMP certified labs under the management of highly trained and skilled staff according to the health standards of USA but why it is not certified by the FDA which is the top medicine regulatory authority of USA. The manufacturer also claimed that all of the ingredients which are used while making BIO X4 are safe in use but after using it many of the doctors and scientists too revealed this secret that there are also few of the elements are used in their recipes which are not good for use and harmful for the health. The manufacturer also many times claimed that you can get each and every detail regarding this weight losing supplement are available on its official website but when people visited its official website then they came to know that its official website is not functional. These are the few contradictions about BIO X4 by which people become far from this weight losing supplement.

What is its process of working?

When you share any of the products with your friends and family members to use then their first question is that what its process of working is because if the process of working is good then it is obvious that product is also good. The process of working of BIO X4 is too much unique, change and distinguished from the others local and commonplace manufactured weight losing products which are commonly accessible in the market. First of all which is the major factor in increasing of weight? Overeating, eating the high fats and calories rich foods which are available in the markets are the major cause of your fatness and obesity. When you eat food which is highly enriched of calories and fats then these fats get inside your body and stored in different parts of your body like buttocks, thighs, hips, chest, belly and arms and make you fat. So when you use the pill of BIO X4 then it first of all diminishes all the extra and additional fats and calories of your body which are stored in different parts of your body. Then it also makes your body energetic and powerful by giving your body high amount of energy which is obtained by the burning of fats and calories in your body. If you eat a lot and have not control on your traditional eating habit then after using this weight losing product it will snub your traditional appetite and help you to eat less because in BIO X4 there is used a special ingredient in this weight reducing product which is sends signal to your brain while eating that your belly is full and your brain stops eating as your belly is not full. It also increases the metabolic system of your body which is very helpful in reducing your weight.


Do you get side effects or bad results after using it?

It has now become a common mindset that after using the weight losing products which are commonly available in the markets you will surely get many of the side effects and harmful results from them. If you asked from the manufacturer of BIO X4 that he will say that in case of local and common slimming products this mindset can be true to some extent but in case of BIO X4 you will never get even a single side effect or bad results from it as it is a herbal or natural weight losing product and is manufactured from many of the , natural, herbal, high quality, top eminence, good for use, effective and efficient in use, fast and steady in showing the results, secured, healthy, hygienic, protected, liked and recommended by the doctors and nutritionists, exclusive, excellent and expensive ingredients. But this saying of the producer is not true. The major disadvantage of BIO X4 is that it is not certified by the FDA. The other side effect is that it is not reliable and trustable product. In many of the researches and surveys which are conducted in last few months in which many of the people who have used this weight losing product have registered their views by claiming that they got many of the side effects and disastrous consequences from BIO X4. So that one cannot claim that after using this weight losing product it will not give any side effect or bad result to anyone.

What is my behavior regarding it?

I have been using BIO X4 from last few months and my experience of using this weight losing product was not so good. When I was in college that time it was my routine that I always eat junk food like burgers and pizza along with my friends. Such kind of food was enriched with high amount of calories and fats. After some time I got notice that my weight was increasing, initially I didn’t pay any attention towards this issue but later on when I became more obese that my friends also started to call me by the name of fatty and Humpty dumpty then I tried to reduce my weight. Weight gain is a very easy and simple thing, but weight loss is the most difficult and hard work to do. So I joined a gym which was nearby my home and started to take hard and tough exercises but after few weeks I felt that there was not any remarkable reduction of weight on my body. So I left taking exercise and started to use slimming teas and coffees but they also didn’t give me any good result. At last my friend advised me to use the BIO X4 and on his advice I ordered this weight losing product from its official website with many of the expectations but this weight losing supplement was not according to my expectations. The promises and claims which are made by the manufacturer while time of purchasing it were never being fulfilled after using it. It is very slow and lazy in showing the results that I have to wait for many weeks to get its results. Moreover, it also blessed me with many of the side effects and bad results.

Why people do not like it?

When you use any single supplement then where you get many of the benefits and advantages from that product there you might also face few of the negative aspects of that product. As all of you people know very well that there are many of the negative aspects of BIO X4 which I am going to mention here by which people do not like this weight losing product. People like to use those products which are easily available on the market but BIO X4 is not available on the market, but you have to order it from its official website. The manufacturer claimed that all details and information regarding this weight losing product in available on the official website of this weight losing product but when people visited the official website of BIO X4 then they came to know that its official website is not functional. People also dislike using BIO X4 because it not safe and secured for use because it is not licensed by FDA. BIO X4 is very slow and lazy in showing the results as people like to use the steady and efficient products. After using this weight losing product many of the people also suffered from headache, high blood pressure and whole body pain that are why it also got hatred of the people. All such are those basic reasons by which people do not like it.

Why should you use it?

It has commonly seen that since the introduction of BIO X4 there are many of the people who do not know that what this product is and what is its function and purpose. They also do not know that when they should use it. So I have decided to give the reasons by which you can use BIO X4 for you.

–    Reduce weight: if you are obese and fat and want to get immediate relief from fatness and obesity then you must use BIO X4 to reduce your bulky volume

–    To look slim and smart: slimness and smartness are the blessings of God and lucky people can enjoy this people so if you also want to become slim and smart then the use of this weight losing product can be very helpful for you

–    To get rid of overeating: overeating is the major cause of obesity and fatness and if you want to snub your appetite then you must use this slimming formula

–    To accelerates your metabolism: if you want to boost up your metabolism then you can also use BIO X4 for your body

What are those prominent outcomes which you may get from using it?

When you use the product which is made up from all of the cheap and fake ingredients then you get many of the side effects and bad results from it but on the other hand if you have used a product which is finished up from all of the natural and herbal components then after using that you will must get many of the benefits and advantages of that product. Same with it after using BIO X4, you will also get many of the benefits and good results from it.

–    It claims that it can reduce your bulky volume

–    It makes the promise with you people that it makes your body smart and active

–    It claims to suppress appetite

–    It claims that it supports in your digestion system

–    It claims that it will help you in smoldering of abundance weight

–    It makes the promise with you that it makes natural increment in vitality

–    It claims that it helps you to lessening in the appearance of the cellulite

–    It claims that cleans and detoxifies your body


What is its scientific formula?

Ingredients are the base of any of the product and supplement. If you get a chance to manufacture a product and you use all of the ingredients which are herbal and natural in making that product then you will surely make a bombastic and superb product which will win the hearts of the people but on the other hand if you have manufactured a product with all of the cheap and fake ingredients then your product will badly failed in the market. Same like this BIO X4 belongs to the first category of the products and is manufactured from all of the safe, natural, herbal, high quality, top eminence, good for use, effective and efficient in use, fast and steady in showing the results, secured, healthy, hygienic, protected, liked and recommended by the doctors and nutritionists, exclusive, excellent and expensive ingredients. The manufacturer also claimed that there are no filler, zero binders and zero artificial, corrosive and chemical contents are added to this weight losing product. The manufacturer also claims that there is not even a single element is used in the formula of this weight losing product which is perilous, unsecured, unnatural, non-herbal, below the standards, cheap, fake, unhealthy, unhygienic, bogus, disliked by the doctors, unprotected, having side effects and slow and lazy in showing the results to the people. The major ingredients which are used in the formula of this weight losing product are

–    Aloe vera

–    Vitamin b12

–    Amino acid

–    Slippery bark

–    Antioxidants

What is the claim of doctors about using it?

You know that in this era of advancement and technology people use only those products which are liked by the doctors and doctors only recommend that product which is very good in working. When BIO X4 was newly introduced in the market that time many of the doctors, nutritionists and gym coaches liked to suggest this weight losing product to the people who are suffering from plumpness and stoutness. But if we see that in last few weeks many of the doctors, gym coaches and other professionals left recommending BIO X4 to the people. They have many of the reservations and grievances about it. They have claimed that first of all using BIO X4 is not safe for use as it is not licensed by FDA. They also have claimed that after using this weight losing product people get many of the side effects and bad results from it.

What is the price of BIO X4?

  • If you buy a bottle of BIO X4 for 3 months package then you have to pay only $29.60 for three months regular supply of it
  • If you want to get the bottle of this weight losing product for two months then you have to pay the %33.00
  • And if you want to get the package of one month then you must have to pay $49.99

What are the good things in it?

–    Good for use

–    No fillers

–    No binders

–    Zero chemical ingredients

Bad things

–    Not made for children

–    Not made for pregnant ladies

–    Having few of the side effects

Where from you can get it?

You can get the bottle of pure morigan slim from its official website.

Bio X4

King Size Male Enhancement Review: Can it REALLY give me Length and Thickness?

Highly advertised by the well known porn start Bree Olson the newest supplement for men, King Size Male Enhancement, claims that your penis can gain length and thickness by just popping a pill. They don’t claim just this, they also claim that you will be able to experience sex like never before and the hardest hardons you have ever had. Anyone that has ever had problems under the covers due to size or performance would think this is the next best thing to sliced bread but is this really possible? Actually, real research, or at least the research I have done, clearly states that this is nearly impossible and that to achieve any sort of growth you would need special equipment and exercises to get even small results. With that said, there are new breakthroughs every day so who knows, perhaps they have found the Holy Grail of penis enlargement.

My sex life has been somewhat non-existent due to my low self esteem because I am not necessarily well endowed. Today there is so much focus on the side of the penis that it has become a real problem for me to actually even try to approach a woman. I have had relationships in the past but they were few and they all ended bad. I feel that I pushed them away and once they left me all I could think about is that they left because of the size of my package. Although I have more or less given up on the possibility of enlarging my penis by if there is a chance why not?

What Exactly is King Size Male Enhancement?

As per the official website it is not only recommended by but demanded on the set by Bree Olson. King Size Male Enhancement is developed by the conglomerate of adult entertainment industry production companies. When it was developed they had only one goal and that is to give men the real and permanent penis gains in both size and performance. They have done extensive research in both scientific and medical literature in order to find the perfect combination for this formula so you get results. The results they claim are that it helps your penis grow in both length and girth, increases your desire, and helps get and keep you hot. So far more than half a million men have tried the supplement and they are all happy with the results.

Why and Who Needs King Size Male Enhancement

Of course, they list numerous benefits on the official website. The key point they want to make though is that it is both safe and easy to use. They claim that it gives the same results but it is easier to use than the strange contraptions that you can buy or the exercises which take a lot of time and energy. The way that this supplement works is that its fusion of natural ingredients and herbs work to enhance the flow of blood in the penis thus helping the penile chambers enlarge. This results in a larger penis in both length and girth. They claim that the results you get from exercises you can get with the supplement only much faster and easier. In less than 6 weeks the official website claims that you will be able to see results.

The all natural formula helps with growth by stimulating the way new cells are developed and thus regenerates the penis. The penis begins to grow gradually as the penile chambers are expanded. In addition to this you will be able to experience longer erections and your penis will look 100% natural because the supplement works naturally to increase size. One of the best parts is that the end result looks completely natural as it is with a natural hung lump size meaning you will have results not only when you are erect.

So, hooked yet? Well, they definitely do a great job of advertising the product. I certainly fell for it for a while until I realized and remembered that to date there is NO PILL THAT CAN MAKE YOUR PENIS LARGER.

How it Works

King Size Male Enhancement works in two ways. First, by boosting your testosterone levels it helps improve your overall sex drive allowing you to get aroused much faster and easier. This will result in much harder erections and a completely natural support of the natural production of free testosterone in your body which in itself has numerous great benefits  aside from better erections and more intense sex.

Boosting Nitric Oxide (NO) is the second way that King Size Male Enhancement works. Erectile tissues are fed directly by simply increasing the Nitric Oxide in the body. As it provides more blood and nutrients to the three penile chambers which I mentioned above they fill giving you impressive results like bigger and harder erections that last longer than ever.

They claim to have calculated the exact formula to provide your body with the perfect combination to help you reach your maximum erectile potential. You will get an increase of production of dopamine as well as get additional prostate stimulates which is exactly what you need for those amazing ejaculations that completely blow your mind. Not only that, they claim you will be able to recover much faster and repeat.

Here is the unbelievable part: they claim that it can help you gain up to 4 inches in length and nearly 2 inches in girth and that’s for only 90 days. Of course, on paper it looks great but when you really think about it, it’s impossible.

What Caught my Eye

Although I personally cannot attest on whether King Size Male Enhancement really works just yet but just based on the official website and of course the real and well known names in the industry that stand behind it, and the amount of information provided about it, it looks good. I found plenty of additional pages within the website that offer even more information, though mostly repeated, they did put forth some effort. Although I really don’t think that this could possibly work their product is definitely well presented.

What Put me Off of King Size Male Enhancement

I think it’s perfectly understandable that there are plenty of things that I am not all too happy with when it comes to this supplement. There is one very important thing to  remember and that is that supplements are not regulated. This means they can claim anything they like without even a slap on the hand. Although the website does have numerous web pages and plenty of information about the product there is absolutely no information about the ingredients. This alone makes it all look very shady as there is no way to actually confirm whether the supplement is effective and more importantly, safe. Before I take any supplement I like to be able to research it thoroughly.


They do offer brief information about how it works, but very brief. In two short sentences they explain the whole process which I feel if it is that simple by now there shouldn’t be any unhappy men with their size. The only thing they mention is that the supplement helps boost Nitric Oxide and Testosterone levels and when I used to work out I took supplements with the same effects and they certainly had NO EFFECT ON MY PENIS SIZE. So, either there are some other special ingredients that have an increasing effect or this is a complete scam.

Benefits Claimed by Official Website

There is certainly no shortage of benefits for this supplement as per the official website.

  • Rock Hard Erections and Performance
  • Ready Anytime and Anywhere
  • No Side Effects
  • Increases Length and Girth
  • Boosts Nitric Oxide
  • Regularly Used in Porn Industry
  • 100% Natural

Another interesting claim by the official website is that if you don’t get results you get your money back. This seems like an opportunity you can’t pass up. Unfortunately I was unable to find concrete terms on this and honestly they always leave loopholes through which to get out of so I highly recommend you don’t put your money on that.

How and Where to Buy and the Terms

I tried to find this supplement in stores but was unable to. The only place to buy it is from the official website. They even offer free Bree Olson DVD’s which makes it that more attractive to most men.

These are your purchase options:

Although the prices do look great it is important to note that you cannot be guaranteed any sort of real results with just a one month supply. This means you have to invest in at least 3 to 6 month supply of the product to see real results as they claim you will see results between 60 and 90 days.

What I Found on Other Websites

So, considering the way it has been advertised you can imagine that this product is selling like hotcakes. Unfortunately I have not found that many positive reviews, at least not that many honest ones. Most of them look completely fake and paid. This leads me to believe that the results in general are far less impressive than promised. Most of the reviews were of disappointment and discouragement of how the product was not as effective as originally promised and in the end getting their money back was nearly impossible if not completely. Unfortunately regardless how original and “informative” their website is it couldn’t make their product effective.

I Tried It

In order to make sure that the review is complete I had to order at least a one month supply. Unfortunately this is far from enough to really give you real results but at least I wanted to see if it gave those immediate thunder hard-on results and great orgasms.

As per the official website you are supposed to take the supplement before you do the deed. This automatically leads me to believe that it really cannot possibly have permanent effects if it has immediate results right before you jump into bed. Although I tried the supplement for a month and though I did not experience any growth as expected for such a short period I wanted to see if I experienced any of the other benefits. Honestly, I experienced absolutely nothing. No amazing orgasms, no super hard erections, and my control was pretty much the same, almost nonexistent. Considering there is Nitric Oxide and Testosterone boosting ingredients in the supplement I do admit that I experienced slight boost in energy and did recover slightly faster which are common benefits. I can’t say that this supplement could actually change my life or anything like that though.

In Conclusion…

Of course, although I understand that there was no way to actually see if it has any effect on my size I was surprised that there was no effect on my performance either or my erections in general. I was ready to put my money down that it will actually boost desire and make my erections stronger and last longer but unfortunately I would have lost. Considering the lack of impressive results from this little experiment I can honestly say that I do not think that it is possible for this supplement to make my penis grow. If you still have hopes order but remember that to get results you have to take it for 60-90 days and from the looks of it continue taking it for quite some time for real long lasting results, as per the official website.

Although the official website impressed me I am disappointed by its lack of real information. The supplement was also far from impressive which really disappointed me as well. There is still no real proof that it is possible for a supplement to increase your penis length and girth. Unfortunately with just increasing Nitric Oxide and Testosterone as mentioned in King Size Male Enhancement it is virtually impossible to make your penis larger.

Pure Testo XPLODE

Pure Testo XPLODE consumer Reviews: zero side effects with scam-less risk free trial . Does it really work as it claimed? See tested results here

CogniQ Review: Newest Ultra Brain Supplement or the Latest Scam

So, recently there is no way for you to get online and search for supplements without coming upon CogniQ. It has literarily taken over the internet with its promises of being the #1 rated all natural smart pill and nearly promising that your IQ will skyrocket by simply taking a pill. They claim that it offers intense focus that completely clears your mind allowing optimal mental absorbtion, gives you ultimate mental clarity by enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain, and provides cognitive precision like no other by storing learned information far more effectively. Nootropics have been claiming to be the newest smart pills and the website claims that it has been proven ingredient that really works. But does it really work?

Initially I wasn’t really looking for a smart pill. I actually had no idea they existed or that I need one but after looking for a supplement that could give me more energy at work they convinced me that I had a problem and that I needed it. Of course, I couldn’t leave things just be, I had to actually review it and see if it really is what they claim. I couldn’t fathom how it is possible for a supplement to improve the way your brain functions.


The Problem

One of the first things discussed in the website is how there is a problem. A problem that we all face especially once we pass the age of 30. They claim at once you pass your 30 year peak you begin to experience “brain power” loss and loss of “cognitive performance”.  This means that regardless how on the point you were in the past, how concentrated, how dedicated, after you pass 30 years old you begin to dwindle in performance. This I had no idea actually took place and they did a great job at convincing me that my brain really did slow in function, I gotta give it to them.

They even give a list of symptoms of which I should look for which means that I am experiencing loss of brain power and generally aging which we all fear so much. Here they are:

  • Low mental performance
  • Low energy
  • Less motivation
  • Less focus
  • Concentration difficulty
  • Forgetfullness

Loss of memory

Quite honestly, when I think about it at any point of my life I have experienced at least one or every one of these “symptoms” of aging, even at 16 when I definitely had extensive lack of motivation to study. With that said, now that I think about it, this list was simply developed for you to go down this list and say, “check, check, check, yup I need a supplement to help my brain. I’m old. “ They claim that from the age of 25-70 we lose approximately 60% of our mental focus. To an extent I think they may be true but I think their approach was a bit drastic though quite effective.

They also discuss a number of facts about the brain which includes how brain sharpness of memory is lost as early as 30 and this is not just due to our aging. The official CogniQ website discusses how this is all because of the food we eat every day and how they deplete our abilities. Here they further influence you to buy the product by showing you that there really is only one realistic option of improving your brain power. This is because they discuss how the only two options available are to either drastically change your diet and eat very strickt brain food or to simply take a supplement otherwise you will experience rapid memory loss and focus depletion. How their supplements contains all of the natural ingredients required to get you back on track and increase your daily energy levels. I highly doubt there is anyone out there that will say, no, I think I’ll change my diet because I forgot my office keys at home.  Well played.


Advanced CogniQ Cognitive Formula

I found this portion of the official website quite interesting as it discusses the way the supplement functions, shares some research data, and of course, advertises the supplement further.

More Memory – increases memory recall in both men and women from the early 20’s to late 30’s with noticeable significant increase in short term memory and some increase in long term memory while in 40-65 year olds significant increase in both.

More Energy – brain energy that is. You will experience an increased boost in energy the moment you take the supplement allowing you to stay focused and alert throughout the day. The good thing is that you don’t experience the standard mid-afternoon crash which usually comes with common energy boosters.

More Motivation and Focus – here again they make it seem like it is impossible for us to NOT have problems with our brains by completely scaring you with claims that every day brain cells die as our bodies change every day. Though to an extent this is true it is kind of scary when you read it and it makes you feel as if every day that you don’t take their supplement your brain slowly dies. They touch upon aging as well and how the daily stress further speeds up this process.

The official CogniQ website claims that the ingredients and vitamins found in it are calculated in dosage absolutely perfectly in order to improve all areas of your brain including problem solving capacities, long and short term memory, focus, and more.


How CogniQ Works

Well, I actually got very little information about how the supplement works as there is very little information actually shared about the effects of the ingredients or in fact, what the ingredients are. I personally refuse to trust any supplement or website selling such supplement that does not offer any actual information about the ingredients because this is the only way for me to dig deeper and research if the supplement really is safe and effective. The only information I found under “how” the supplement works gave little to no real information. Just discussed how safe the supplement was and how it requires taking no more than one pill a day to get results as it is 100% natural. It also discusses that it offers a brain boost due to the perfect cognitive blend in each capsule which has immediate effect on your energy and focus. Lastly the only information provided was the nice list of benefits and results such as:

  • Improve brain and memory
  • Noticeably more focus
  • Happier disposition
  • Boost in brain reaction
  • Impressive energy
  • Increased memory recall
  • Basically repeating everything they have been boasting about in a list form. Nothing new…again.

My Problem with CogniQ

So, although perhaps this supplement may be effective for some people the way that it is advertised is rather frustrating. They share little to no real and valid information that actually shows that the supplement is and the information that has been shared is simply repeated over and over again in dofferent form. They claim that the supplement has become nearly impossible to find because of its high demand yet I did some research online and honestly didn’t really find that many people that have genuinely tried it but rather a number of very energetic and positive reviews and comments that look incredibly fake as if they were paid to be written.

Of course, they do touch upon how it is the latest potent Nootropic that has become the leading “smart supplement” on the market but today, after some serious research, I found that EVERY SINGLE supplement offering boost in brain power claims to have Nootropics and honestly I found little to no real information about it really being effective. As per the official CogniQ website they give a definition of Nootropics which states that they improve mental function such as concentration, motivation, attention, intelligence, and cognition but have found no information to back these claims.

I think the only real good thing about this supplement is actually the fact that it is 100% natural though on the other hand I cant really know that as there is no list of ingredients. They discuss that there are numerous research driven human studies which do confirm that it is effective and safe but don’t actually share information about these studies which I would have enjoyed reading through.

Reviews and Comments about CogniQ

As I mentioned above I had to dig deep outside of the official website as I wanted to find some real feedback and information about the product. Unfortunately, no such information was found anywhere except for the obvious positive reviews and comments which provided nothing more than a rewrite of the information I found in the website. It is so obvious that they are paid that it hurts, especially when you see the same comment on 5 different websites with different names and dates while with others they didn’t even bother chancing even that. This of course is more than frustrating.

How to Buy and the Terms

The only thing I DID like about the supplement aside from it being 100% natural is that it does not have the shady “free” trial. The moment I see that I run. What they offer are 3 different options to purchase the supplement. I did check their terms and conditions to look for signs that there will be an auto-ship membership but found nothing of the sort which leaves us with the following options:

  • 5 Bottles – $149.95
  • 3 Bottles – $113.82
  • 1 Bottle – $49.95

They also offer a 90 day money back guarantee but I honestly couldn’t find much on it in the website. I do believe that it is available for ALL of the available purchase options all you have to do is give them a call, there is a $10 stocking fee however.

My Experience

Of course I had to order the supplement in order to complete this review. Although I took it for only about 15 days because I have a sensitive stomach and something in the supplement was not sitting well for me, I do think that it really didn’t have the right effect on me. I did not experience any major brain boost or felt smarter or anything. I guess perhaps I did have some extra energy but nothing mind blowing and I certainly did not feel smarter or more focused. Perhaps I am too far behind to try and catch up now? Not sure but I don’t think it was much of a loss that I stopped taking the supplement.

In Conclusion…

The price of a one month supply is actually pretty decent and competitive with the other products available online these days. Although I am certain that there may be people that may have better results with the supplement than I did I do believe that they overshot their advertisement and gave unrealistic expectations which result in disappointment. I personally did not experience anything drastic or impressive that I feel the need to note it and although I did feel slightly more energetic I cannot say whether this was due to the supplement. The lack of information and overall sloppy development of the official website I do feel as if this could be more of a scam than the impressive pill they make it out to be.

I think that you should not fall for such claims that your brain power is failing or that you are old. If a company has the need to focus on common insecurities to sell their product this means their product and the company may just be a scam. Considering the low price of the supplement it doesn’t hurt to try. Although CogniQ may actually be effective and safe as the official website claims I still prefer to look for an alternative to improving my brain power rather than spending money on a supplement that I personally felt no real results with.

Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Latest 2015 Formula

I discovered Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract through a website review of the product. I was on a search for a new supplement to help me lose weight which I can take along with my regular workouts and diet so I can see results faster. I understand well enough that sitting on the couch won’t get my anywhere, but if I don’t see results while I work out quickly I tend to start giving up. A while back I started working out three times a week and the rest of the time being more active along with a healthier diet in hopes of losing weight but I quickly realized that the baby fat from my pregnancy won’t go away that easily and I need some extra help.

I have tried supplements in the past prior to my pregnancy and had not discovered a proper supplement that delivers as well as a company I can trust. I realized that it is just as hard to find a quality company to buy from that isn’t out to scam you as it is a supplement that actually works. As it turns out there are so many scams out there that you end up being charged for things you never ordered and end up paying for a product that lacks in delivery.

Honest Green coffee

What is Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

Well, I am sure that by now you’ve all heard of what Green Coffee Bean Extract is. These are basically coffee beans that have not been roasted yet so they contain a lot more chlorogenic acid which is where all of the benefits come from. It is actually what makes Green Coffee Bean Extract such a sought after supplement as it is believed that this acid can have a number of health benefits for weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

This ingredient became popular in 2012 when it was mentioned by Dr. Oz on his show discussing its numerous benefits, especially catering towards weight loss. Not only that, it was also claimed that no exercise or diet is necessary to see results. Something that has been debunked since then and if anyone claims this is possible with any supplement or ingredient then run fast because there is no magic pill.

What the Official Website Claims

Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract is claimed to be the ultimate aid in healthy and safe weight loss. As it has high concentration of chlorogenic acid it aids not only in helping you lose weight but regulates your metabolism and helps you use your fat as an energy source rather than your body signaling for you to eat yet again. Though studies on this ingredient and supplement are limited, regardless what they say, they do show that it is an effective way to lose weight.

Numerous studies also suggest that phytochemical chlorogenic acid helps slow absorption of carbohydrates and fat from the food you eat and gives your metabolism the needed boost to help reduce extra fat. Many scientists claim that the chlorogenic acid found in raw green coffee beans is most abundant in the world.


How it Works

Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract contains 50% chlorogenic acid. This ensures that there is more than enough to prevent sugar absorption from starch all the while decreasing the caloric input following meals. As it prevents glucose absorption body fat and BMI are drastically reduced.

The chemical chlorogenic acid is responsible for the preventing of accumulation of fat in small deposit which grows as we gain weight. By inhibiting the release of glucose while in turn increasing metabolism the effects are amazing. In addition to its numerous other benefits chlorogenic acid has been taken for type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular disease.

How to Take Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

It’s important that you are using this supplement properly or else you will be wasting your money. Do not simply take it and wait for the magic to happen, you have to put in the effort.

Take 2 capsules every day. Take 1 in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 in the evening 30 minutes before dinner. It is important to remember that you take it as part of a healthy balanced diet that includes 5 veggies and 5 fruits. This is especially important and if you overlook eating healthy then it is pointless to even order. You must be ready to make lifestyle changes. You also need to stay active and keep your body’s muscles working in order to make sure you get the most of the supplement. I can’t stress enough how important it is to focus on a healthy diet and regular workouts when taking any supplement or else you are wasting your money. Lastly, make sure you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water in order to feel refreshed and ready for another day.

Honest Green Coffee beans

Ingredients in Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

There is actually only 1 active ingredient in the supplement and that is of course, Green Coffee Bean Extract. It has the ability to boost your metabolism resulting in impressive weight loss. As it is an all natural supplement they claim there are no side effects and it is safe, but remember that you are drinking caffeine, regardless if it is roasted. There are absolutely no artificial ingredients, no binders, and no fillers in the supplement that could cause adverse side effects.

Supplement Facts Sheet

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – 800 mg – This sole ingredient has been proven time and again that it is effective for weight loss. As per trials and research done on the ingredient it has proven to have modest weight loss over a period of 12 weeks. Unfortunately there is very little research done on the ingredient and poor quality it is hard to say if it really works. It can also have adverse side effects as it is basically caffeine but the official websites does add a side note that it is such low amounts that I amounts to no more than a ½ cup of coffee.

There are also other inactive ingredients in the supplement but they are nothing different from any other supplement on the market. What I really liked about the website is the fact that it provided all of the information and attention that I look for. One of the main things I look for when I visit an official website for a supplement is if it has a list of ingredients, information, and a Supplement Fat sheet which provides me with everything I need to research the product.

How to Buy Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

Buying is probably the easiest part of getting a supplement. And usually if you are really excited about it you miss a lot of information. Checking the terms and conditions should be a given when buying anything online but many people overlook it. What I discovered is that the initial price of the supplement, for shipping and handling, is $4.69. This seems like a pretty reasonable price and its guarantee seems quite interesting as well. You are given a free trial, or at least that’s what it says. It is important to remember that you havde14 days from the day you order your bottle to decide if this product is right for you. They actually provide you with 18 when they add the extra 4 days allowed for shipping purposes.

So far so good right? No. As it turns out that if you do not call and cancel within the allotted time you will automatically be charged in full for the bottle you have ordered. This is a $79.52 charge which will continue monthly as you are also signed up for their auto ship program which automatically ships you a brand new bottle every month and of course, charges you accordingly, $79.52.

I actually wouldn’t be so against this if it was provided information straight up rather than in really tiny letters at the bottom of the page and only in the terms and conditions. You actually have to know what you are looking for or waste a lot of time trying to find it. This is what made this official website look more like a scam than anything else.


My Experience with Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

As I am no fan of coffee in general I am not well acquainted with side effects from caffeine. Regardless how little caffeine is claimed to be in this supplement I was surprised by the side effects I experienced. In general, my experience consisted of jitters, frustration, bathroom breaks, and nausea. During the several days I did take the supplement I did lose weight but I don’t think that that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work.

I decided to give them a call and let them know that I will not continue taking the supplement and want them to cancel my subscription. Here they gave me a number of instructions that I had to follow in order to send them the rest of the supply back. I make it sound easy but they were far from easy. Initially it took me several days to even get someone on the line. Their phone was either constantly busy or n one answered at all. Once I got on the phone with the girl I got the “sell you double for the same price” lines and she wouldn’t let me off the phone. In the end after some frustration and arguing as then she decided that my trial was over and that I couldn’t cancel. In the end I got my way and send them the product back in hopes I don’t get any surprise charges.

Strangely enough, about a week later I noticed a strange charge to my card of $79.52. This was the unapproved charge which I had initially canceled. I called them immediately in hopes that I do not receive a new monthly supply. Again frustration trying to get someone on the phone and convincing them I really did not want the product. The good thing is that they hadn’t sent the bottle yet or else I would have had to pay for back and forth shipping. In the end I did get my money back but the frustration was far too much for me. Overall, I was less than satisfied with their customer service and overall way of business.

Do I Recommend Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract

Actually, I think that Green Coffee Bean Extract as an ingredient really is effective. I have read up a lot on the topic and discovered that it really is effective. My side effects were simply because I simply don’t have a stomach that handles caffeine very well, which is something I was well aware of. I just hoped that my body would understand that I was doing it for me but unfortunately even the small trace amounts of caffeine in this product caused me to experience the side effects.

My problem here wasn’t with the product itself but rather with the company. I don’t trust a company that insists that I get charged every month for their product even if I don’t feel that I am ready for a new shipment. Perhaps I missed a day or two in taking the supplement? Perhaps I took a break? Regardless, I want to be able to order a new bottle whenever I see fit and not as part of a subscription. Many of the scam websites today are based on this sort of subscription program and hide the full terms so people would get caught up in it without even realizing it. I do think that the official Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract may be a scam website and highly recommend you review it carefully without ordering. Remember, your health is in your hands and if you do not put in the work with a healthy diet and regular exercise the Honest Green Coffee Bean Extract simply would not have any effect.

honest Green Coffee bean

Forskolin Fit Pro

Forskolin Fit Pro – Flush Pounds & Detoxify Body

IS Ordering  Forskolin Fit Pro making the innocent and ignorant mistake thinking it was safe? Do warned that Forskolin Fit Pro is a scam!! and stay away!? Read the story here

This dietary cleansing formula made with highly advanced and powerful ingredients that not only can flush out extra pounds from your body but all your unwanted indigestible material which start storing in our colon and become the cause of poor stomach progress also completely detoxified overall and body become overall clear and healthy once again. In the market, there are lots of colon cleansing supplement available and everyone is being claimed as the no1 cleanser but frankly speaking before the formulation of Forskolin Fit Pro, there was not any satisfactory cleansing supplement available in the market. This powerful detoxifier is formulated with lots of active and natural base ingredients which not only helps in increasing overall body energy but also perform their action against the unwanted pounds easily so this multi-performance seems opposite but its manufacturers made this product under highly experts instructions and today they are confident about its progress. Further you can know its effectiveness about all those aspects regarding its officials discussing easily by checking out the clinical reports or by visiting some health expert who is dealing with Forskolin Fit Pro, I am 100% sure that you will get satisfactory outcomes from them.

It has been proven that all Forskolin Fit Pro working is purely natural base because its formula naturally works for increasing body energy level and for boosting metabolisms overall so that body unwanted fat could be melt overall so you should remain confident while taking this detoxifier and I am sure you will found Forskolin Fit Pro the best dietary product for your overall weight management. This active formula will provide you better stomach progress and enable you to stay active and sharp overall without any risk so you should stay confident completely while recommending for Forskolin Fit Pro.


Naturally Increase Energy

This detoxification formula has natural base combination of active nutrients which is needed for increasing the energy level properly so while using this colon cleansing formula there is no need for any extra energy booster because Forskolin Fit Pro has power to increase your energy overall and it will surely keep you active in your daily routine. Few months back people was taking more than one products at the same time like some people has various health problems at the same time and they were taking 2 or 3 supplements at the same time which is not good for health even medically prove that you should not take more than one medicine at the same time because it is not let other medicine perform properly. It was quite common that people having wastage problem as well as problem regarding the increasing weight so before having Forskolin Fit Pro, they were taking two different products for cleansing the colon and stomach and other for melting fats but today all this has become quite simple because today we have ultimate product which can provide you better energy level as well during cleansing your colon from the parasites.


Natural Metabolism Booster

Melting unwanted weight was quite major issue before having Forskolin Fit Pro but today it has become quite simple because this active formula has active weight losing components that work purely natural way and makes body completely free from the unwanted pounds. Its process is very simple regarding I am going to discuss that Forskolin Fit Pro simply start making your metabolism higher and provides them amazing boost so all this metabolic process enable your unwanted weight to be melt day by day and this process not even need any sort of additional efforts for reducing unwanted pounds from the body. This cleansing product works naturally and not leave any negative impact on the body even it has been medically proven that Forskolin Fit Pro also works in melting fats from your body same as the process started by doing harder workout or longer exercise so there is no any side effect remain in body and you will surely get 100% slim and smart look naturally. Further if you will take balanced diet along with regular routine workout as well while taking this colon cleansing product then you will surely get 100% results quite effectively and all your extra bulges will simply melt away from your body within few weeks.

Enhance Weight Management

This active cleanser has power to help you in managing your overall weight and surely makes your body smart as per your need easily. Its dietary capsules have the power to boost metabolism as well as to makes your body energetic overall. Further today it has become quite common among the experts that one can manage its overall weight easily with the help of this dietary colon cleansing product because it will help in reducing unwanted fats from the body and will also keep you sharp and active overall. So getting the required weight and ideal body shape not remain problem anymore we have Forskolin Fit Pro the best weight management product and with its help we can get our body in proper shape and can manage our body size as well gently.


Limit 1 Trail Bottle per Customer

Forskolin Fit Pro trial pack nowadays much in demand because it is risk-free trial pack and everyone can get its pack easily by only ordering its trial pack by visiting the official page. Keep in mind this offer is only genuinely available at the official page because its manufacturers are 100% confident about their product and they want to make you people convince about its working so you should be alert and should try this colon cleansing dietary supplement today. Keep in mind Forskolin Fit Pro is highly in demand and everyone wants to stay healthy through such safe way but most of the time all this become wastage of money overall but Forskolin Fit Pro is 100% risk free product because for trying this product you not need to pay money for its bottle but all you need to deal with the shipment and handling fee only and within few dollars you will get its free trial pack for few weeks which will be enough to check out its progress. Further according to policy, its manufacturers are only giving 250 trials per day to users each day so your order could take few days because of high demands.

How Does Forskolin Fit Pro Work?

This formula is all about detoxification and about losing unwanted weight. So clinical reports declare it as the key of weight losing because its officials made amazing strategy to understand about the product that how fat start being processed in the body and how we could control over it. Whenever we eat something our body start converting all the calories into the glucose which is also known as sugar in our body. So glucose production depends to the calories consumption so how much you will have calories in your body it means indirectly you are being stored sugar to your body in form of calories so heavy glucose level means your blood sugar level will also rise higher overall. So in the body when you will have high blood sugar level then automatically fat production will be started in your body and you will become overall fatty within fewer time only.

So at that stage you should take Forskolin Fit Pro because the power of Forskolin Fit Pro comes from all the interactive powerful ingredients and all of them can provide you major benefits easily and can provide you relief from the constipation, psylliumm husk as well as will helps in supporting your overall intestinal tract overall. It is according to experts extremely effective laxative properties which are quite effective for overall digestive quality supporting and makes overall stomach healthy and free from toxins. Further, Aloe Vera is also formulated in Forskolin Fit Pro which is also known as the natural laxative and it can help you in getting rid of all unwanted toxins normally mixed with other complementary components. According to studies, Forskolin Fit Pro is ultimate solution to help your body for getting detoxified and will facilitate your digestive system through proper way so that your body could stay active and can get the power of those amazing nutrients which you normally take in your routine.

Research about Colon

Few time back there has been done a research in which it has been discussed that everyone’s colon contain parasites with the passage of time which often impacted with mucous which can prevent the nutrients from absorbing into the body cells so your body could not get those results as per your diet patron. Further in the results you tend to eat more heavy diet to get more nutrients but day by day instead of getting your body healthier and active you stay unhealthy with poor stamina level, on other hand all those heavy diet become the cause of weight gaining overall so you should be alert in such situation because all this will happen because of poor digestive system and because of parasites in your colon so be alert and always be alert and try to take some appropriate colon cleanser first so that your body could remain healthy.

So make sure that you have clean yourself from inside your body because it will make trouble for your body and will not let you stay healthy and active like others so I would like you inform you if you feel that your stomach is not able to get the necessary nutrients from your diet and even by taking healthy diet you continuously feeling poor energetic then all this is happening to you because of parasites and other unwanted toxins in your stomach so clinically prove that you have to clear yourself from inside and after that you will start getting healthy instantly within few days only.


What is Forskolin Fit Pro?

This active cleansing formula has all the natural ingredients with powerful and gentle results so you should stay alert all the time because Forskolin Fit Pro is a dietary colon cleansing product and it is mainly designed to improve overall body healthy including your digestive system by detoxify your overall body so that you could get back your routine activeness. When you will use occasionally, all this will help you increase your body regularity overall and will cleanse your body gently from the toxins overall not let them build up again and again in your body. This cleanser can make you feel energetic and more active in your routine life so you should stay confident while taking this product. Further I have studied about this active nutrient and believe you me its overall signature proprietary formulation is made with herbal blends of Ginger, Licorice Root, Aloe Vera, Psyllium Husk, Garlic, Fennel, Dandelion Roots and Alfalfa. These are those powerful, but 100% natural compounds regarding you have completely information so you can take them with full confident.

According to clinical reports its most important and key ingredient is signature formulation which is Aloe Vera and this active nutrient contain active enzymes power along with many other plants compounds that aids digestion as well as can improve overall nutrient absorption in your body. All your nutrient absorption will become healthy because Aloe Vera will aid your digestion system overall. Further Forskolin Fit Pro also have Ginger, Garlic and Licorice Roots and all of them are also extracted from the natural occurring materials overall so this combination means there will remain zero synthetically created compounds and zero filler in Forskolin Fit Pro and one can trust this active cleansing formula easily. Further, it has been verified that Forskolin Fit Pro is completely formulated in the laboratory and there are no any preservatives in it. Further, all its ingredients are 100% natural and your body will become healthier naturally without any filler or other chemical reaction.

Supplement Facts

This dietary cleansing product contain 60 capsules in its each container and per serving size is 1 capsule and according to clinical reports its monthly container have 60 capsules and one should take 2 servings within 24 hours. Further, its proprietary blend is 450mg and all of its blends are proven by the labs. There are some amazing blends formulated in Forskolin Fit Pro which makes this cleanser more effective and suitable as compared to others. Those powerful nutrients are, Chinese Rhubarb Root Pwd, Bentonite Clay, Sagrada Bark Pwd, Cape Aloe, Senna, Flax Seed Pwd, Slippery Elm Bark, Black Cumin Seed, Wormwood, Thyme Leaf pwd, Olive Leaf Extract, Garlic Extract 15:1, Peppermint Leaf and Organic Cloves pwd. All these ingredients are formulated in Forskolin Fit Pro and make this active nutrient more suitable and powerful overall through such safe way. Further, all of its blends are proven by the various health centers and all the GMP centers have been proven each and ever serving of Forskolin Fit Pro as safe and easy in use to everyone.

How Forskolin Fit Pro Will Lose Your Weight?

This powerful supplement can lose your all extra weight quite easily and will not let your weight increased again. So all you need to do for controlling your upgrading weight is to take Forskolin Fit Pro as per its directions always because right format of using will provides you more better results you always wishes for,

  • Step 1- as you know its each serving contain 1 capsule so be alert and always take 1 capsule first before your meal
  • Step 2- takes its 2nd capsule always before your dinner and that’s it

This is the way how you should take its dose and if you will follow this patron then you will surely gain 100% results from it. Further, you may consult with some health expert first and I am sure you will get the better recommendation from the expert because an expert always knows better about the product. you will surely feel light and always stay healthy by taking proper and regular dose in daily routine.

It’s Time to Detoxify If you have

These are some situation regarding I am going to share next, so if you have these problems or have any one or more of the follow then keep in mind you need to detoxify your body immediately because there will be lots of unwanted wastage material stored in your body so you have to alert in such situation.

  • High Cholesterol- if you feel that your level of cholesterol is being increased then it’s time to detoxify your body because cholesterol level has directly concerned with poor stomach health and you should try some cleanser immediately so that you could get better results from it
  • Memory Issues- whenever you feel or realize that your mental status is being loosed then this is the time when your body is getting healthy so you simply start taking Forskolin Fit Pro dose regularly and it will help in making your mental progress sharp overall
  • Rapid Weight Gain- if weight gaining process also rapidly started then it’s time to overcome because this is happening because of poor stomach health and level of your glucose is becoming the cause of fats production rapidly so you should take proper dose of Forskolin Fit Pro regularly so that your weight increasing process could be controlled
  • Occasional Fatigue- if you feel tiredness most of the time and suffering by occasional fatigue then my friend all is happening to you because of poor health so you should take Forskolin Fit Pro because it works perfectly in reducing your occasional fatigue and will make you active
  • Impaired Digestion- having poor digestive system is also caused by the parasites and unwanted storage of toxins in the stomach so you should try to flush out all those wastages from your body first if you want better digestive progress. Impaired digestion is also symptom of constant bloating so you should try some appropriate cleanser like Forskolin Fit Pro properly for getting healthy progress
  • Water Retention- when you feel your water level from the body is being reduced and you are suffering from dehydration problems so be alert and try to take Forskolin Fit Pro in routine because it will help you in reducing your water retention issue and will keep your body hydrated gently
  • Poor Metabolism- metabolic rate is all about melting fats so if you realize that your fat is not being melt even by the harder workouts and exercises as well so it means your metabolism level is not being increased higher as it should be increased and this is the time to learn from symptoms and take Forskolin Fit Pro
  • Weak Immune System- having poor immune system is also the symptom of bloating and you should take some appropriate colon cleansing dose like Forskolin Fit Pro so that your immune system could get its strengthen back easily
  • Reduce Fat Oxidation- all the poor fat oxidation level also become the symptom of bloating and keep in mind you should take Forskolin Fit Pro right that time because it will help in making your fats oxidation regular and you will able to reduce unwanted pounds easily from the body
  • Low Energy Level & Poor Absorption of Nutrients- poor energy level is all because of poor nutrients absorption in your body so take Forskolin Fit Pro daily so that all your body activeness could be restore and it will also enable your body to consume nutrients from your diet on daily basis

90 Day Return Policy

Its officials are offering the best value, quality to all the customers. You can return the unused item which you purchased from us within ninety days of purchase. Keep in mind there is $10.00 restocking fee which is not refundable and within 90 days you can get your money back by returning unused product.


Striction BP, the Best B.P controller

Does Striction BP work as it claimed or scam? Read possible side effects, scams, consumer complains and bad adverse effects

Nowadays people has been suffering from heart attacks and many other heart diseases because of their high level of cholesterol and B.P problems and that’s why today such medications are much in demand which are claiming to control both of these issues. Many people do not even try to discuss with health experts regarding their medication and without any consultation they start taking medication through purchasing from market but all their body digestive system got affected by them and all such hypertension drugs causes many other negative issues in the body. Further, we are here for giving you the best treatment for sorting out your HBP problem along with LDL issues safely infect naturally overall. Hope you have already listened about Striction BP from different ways because number of media channels are also on-airing different programs about its effectiveness and different cardiologists are also sharing their reviews about Striction BP effectiveness so today this medication is day by day getting famous and everyone has become happier overall because it provides 100% results in quite cheaper price so that’s why people are preferring this natural treatment for controlling B.P issues.

Today both sexes having problem regarding heart, it is all because they are taking unhealthy diet which contain high cholesterol in it and become the cause of blood thickness so automatically heart progress got affected by unhealthy blood circulation and in results high blood pressure issues started so for curing such problems up to 80% American are taking Striction BP regularly because it is 100% approved formula so that’s why it can make everyone healthy as per their requirements safely. Further, as compared to others, Striction BP is very affordable and completely safe product because it is clinically approved and zero side effects formula.

Something I like most about it

I have been using different B.P controlling medications since last few months because I was heart patient because of my unhealthy cholesterol level so for keeping it healthy all the time I try different costly and highly advanced chemical base medications but frankly no one gives me any desired output but today I am 100% satisfied with Striction BP because its formula proves very safe and effective to me. So some key points which I found while using Striction BP areas below,

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Good customer care center
  • Easy to take supplement
  • Clinically approved formula
  • 100% all-natural and risk-free product
  • Very affordable formula
  • Completely safe in use product

striction BP

Some facts about it

After my longer research about Striction BP, I found some key points about its performance and decide to share them with you guys so that you could analyze its performance with others easily. Keep in mind these facts are not comes to me after my research but I have also studied different projects from different health experts side as well as different clinical reports about it so it is up to you either you trust its research work or not but I can offer you another way for verify its progress and that is your own health expert so you can itself visit your own doctor for knowing its effectiveness and I am damn sure when your doctor will come to know that Striction BP contain power of Vitamin B6, Magnesium as well as powerful herbs which can easily handle the cholesterol and blood pressure levels safely,

  • It improves cholesterol by 12%-26%
  • It decreases LDL 7%-27%
  • It improves triglycerides by 23%-30%

Details about Striction BP

It is bid that you have to say goodbye to your high blood pressure problem along with hypertension issues by taking Striction BP because its multi-action formula has been proven very much efficient for treating systolic as well as diastolic blood issues very safely. According to its manufacturers, Striction BP is 100% safe and powerful supplement which helps everyone in managing blood pressure, as well as the breakthrough formulation overall and its action is 100% effective for stimulating the blood circulation safely. Further blood circulation in the human body is quite important for keeping body healthy so you not need to worry about it anymore because today all the heart issues can be treat earlier by taking this natural treatment and high expensive for heart operation and other expensive heart treatments will stay away from you. If you want to stay good with your best heart performance then you have to take balanced diet along with this amazing dietary product which can makes all your circulation better and can easily balance all your blood sugar production through such safe way. Its antioxidants are very much effective and can deliver easily the best outcomes to everyone and your overall health will improve gently and through risk-free way.

Further you have seen about Striction BP at different media channels and according to NBC and FOX news Striction BP is the best supplement for keeping heart overall in youthful form and it will enable blood to circulate properly throughout the body. Further until today there is not even single supplement I found which has FDA approved facilities along with cGMP approval. Keep in mind current good manufacturing practices as well as many other laboratories are referring Striction BP as the best quality and pure formula.

Get the free trial today

There are lots of companies who are offering free trial offer but unfortunately they could not keep your information secure and lots of scammers start misusing your secret information and in results all your bank accounts go empty overall. Further Striction BP is also offering the free trial offer by visiting official link easily from where you can found the form for applying to free trial bottle so that you could get its pack easily. For proceeding your trial pack, its manufacturers only need your first and last name along with your proper address along with zip and other state information so that its manufacturers could easily proceed its trial pack to your address. Further its officials are also offering its trial pack to all the new customers and it is their policy that they will not send its trial pack twice time to same user and according to its policies one user can use its bottle for 60 days and if one get some unsatisfactory outcomes from their product then one can get its product price back by returning back the unused product easily. Further, its 15 days trial can be gained only by paying for its shipment fee so you do not need to be worried more because it will provide you guaranteed outcomes very effectively.

Manage your B.P

For managing your blood pressure, Striction BP is the best natural and safe product which can easily purchased from its officials side. According to medication researches, Striction BP can naturally reduce blood pressure and could keep in the healthy form properly. Further, all your blood sugar level could become balanced along with your LDL issues. Keep in mind LDL is all about bad cholesterol problems and today majority of people are suffering from this issue because after getting cholesterol higher it could become the cause of heart attack and some other dangerous heart problems so before its too late, you have to get rid of LDL problems along with HBP so that your body could stay healthy. So all this is possible now with the help of Striction BP because it has powerful antioxidants with 100% safe ingredients so you can easily take its dose properly and all your health will be restored naturally.

Best B.P controller

What is formulated in Striction BP?

Its exclusive formula is made with best combinations which can easily make the body healthier and can help you in providing rid to you from dangerous heart problems very safely. So all you need to confirm about its dose from your expert first before start taking it so that your could get an appropriate dose. Normally people are taking about 2 capsules twice a day for better results. I have founded the key ingredients of Striction BP and decide to share their amazing working details with you guys so that you could also know them,

  • •    Ceylon Cinnamon is known as its key ingredient which naturally makes your blood level healthy and can provide you better cholesterol production through such safe way. Further, there are lots of varieties available in cinnamon and according to officials Ceylon is the best compound and consider as the true cinnamon today. This natural compound is not as common with others so that’s why it is considered expensive as well as having lots of varieties in it for reducing pressure of blood properly so that the body could remain healthy. Keep in mind Ceylon cinnamon is also 100% verified and risk free compound declared by the GMP and some other clinical labs so that’s is the reason why Striction BP is being declared as 100% natural and effective for sorting out everyone heart issues
  • •    Vitamin B6 is the natural ingredient which is being extracts from numerous ways and according to reports Striction BP contain this vitamin on the high level and this vitamin prove much effective for helpful for making body healthy naturally. Further Striction BP is all about protecting the heart diseases because this vitamin is proven 100% effective for increasing the rate of magnesium about its cellular absorption properly. Keep in mind Striction BP is considering safe all because vitamin B6 which is its key compound has no risk in taking and for further customers satisfaction it is also verified by the cGMP
  • •    Magnesium Malate is actually the bio-available form of magnesium so when this powerful extract comes together with the cinnamon then its start its action properly even according to experts this combination work as a knock-out punch to the blood pressure issues and can deliver quite effective and long lasting outcomes safely. Further, this malate formula is also good for maintenance of blood sugar level and can give 100% results to everyone safely

How does Striction BP work?

Striction BP has the best combination punch of magnesium and cinnamon in it, which can deliver the knockout punch to your high blood pressure problem and it becomes normal for long time. It was confusing for me about its working because before Striction BP I had tried different products but no one was giving me any desired results but after doing research and surveys about this natural B.P controlling medication I come to know that Striction BP is 100% approved and completely verified product which has an advanced and powerful combination of 3 key ingredients which are very much helpful in reducing diastolic and systolic blood pressure problem quite effectively. Further it is clinically approved that Vitamin B6, Magnesium Malate as well as Cinnamon are the most amazing and powerful ingredients which can manage all your cholesterol level properly along with controlling your rising level of blood pressure overall effectively. Within only a few doses, you will feel that LDL issue has been flush away from your body and all your blood sugar level will also become fully balanced naturally. This combination also delivers the best jolt of antioxidants to all your body cells so that it could promote your internal health properly.

Benefits which Striction BP can provide easily

No doubt Striction BP can give you number of amazing and key benefits quite safely and you will 100% get all your desired outcomes properly within very short time. Best thing in Striction BP I found was all about its benefits time period that is much minimum as compared to other products and according to experts this formula can provide 100% outcomes to everyone very safely. As I told you about blood pressures regarding diastolic and systolic and many other beneficial outcomes can be gained easily by taking its dose in the proper routine. Further some key points which I come to know about Striction BP benefits are,

  • It is much affordable way to manage your overall blood pressure properly so when this pressure will come in its natural form then you will never face any sort of heart attack issues
  • It prove 100% effective for supporting healthy systolic & diastolic level of your blood pressure properly so that it could stay healthy all the time
  • It is very easy to swallow capsules as compared to any other B.P controlling medication. Further as compared to other medications, Striction BP is very much easy in use and there is not any fixed timetable given by the experts for taking its dose so that’s why it consider very safe and easy to take supplement
  • It has ability to promotes the blood circulation gently so that body could remain healthy
  • It prove very supportive in good cardiovascular health properly
  • It contains many supportive and amazing ingredients which can easily improve health level because its formula has super antioxidants in it
  • It is as effective for LDL as for managing HBP so you do not need to worry about it. Further, it will help you to reduce bad cholesterol production in your internal body

Money Back Guarantee

This offer can be avail all of its customers who buy this natural B.P controlling supplement directly by officials at its website. Many people doesn’t know about its miracle and exclusive offer regarding I am going to share so if you interested in getting body free from high blood pressure or other health issues but you are afraid that your money could be waste like you have wasted before by paying for other products. So today you not need to worry about this medication because it is offering the best and an exclusive money back guarantee offer to whole its customers and according to them it is not an offer only but it will work as well. Further according to its officials terms and conditions, its customer can only get back its product price through returning the unused product bottle within only 60 days. So you have to be careful about its days and if you not found this supplement useful for you then don’t waste more time and simply returns their bottle back to them so that you could get back your money. Keep one thing more in mind that this price will not include the shipment price because such shipment and handling charges only used for sending its bottle for a time.


Easy order and Easy Cancel

Its officials make everything very easy to perform so that every user can do as per its requirement properly. Further, I have checked out the officials and have met with different cardiologists as well so that I could know about this B.P controlling medication. According to experts, Striction BP can be ordered very easily and if you are not getting appropriate outcomes from it or before getting its bottle you have changed your mind about this supplement then you can easily cancel the shipment easily. Today if you interested in ordering this powerful B.P controlling supplement then you can found the order form at its official site and on other hand its manufacturers are offering you other option that if you are double minded about your order then you can also cancel it through online and its cancellation form is also available at website easily which will require your email address only for locating your Striction BP account so that It could cancel your shipment before proceeding it.

Best information about it

Making you fully satisfied is its officials priority and they are confident as well about working because they have formulated fully research base and advanced components for treating hypertension and B.P so that everyone could get best results. Further it is guarantee that you will get 100% absolute outcomes as per your requirement but if you feel not comfortable with Striction BP then you can return unused portion back to officials within purchased 60 days easily without any inquiries so you will get 100% price you have paid to its officials back within few days only.

Some people saying about it

It Really Works!

It is reported by a scientist in recently a nutritional journal that Cinnamon itself without any type of dieting and any sort of additional changes in my lifestyle make reduction in both systolic & diastolic blood pressures for 5.35 and 2.7 mmHg.

My BP has never been so good!

Martin S., Lumberton, NC has given its review about it and said, I went to my doctor few days back and blood pressure was about 118/65. After few weeks, when I again visit my doctor at tat time my B.P was almost127/72. I am today very much happy with Striction BP because it keeping my B.P healthy and not let it increased overall again and again. In his opinion, Striction BP is the best product on the market for controlling B.P issues.

Bradley keeps on truck-in

k.Roberts, Norfold, VA has given the review that, I am actually a big rig truck driver and I was looking for treatment to maintain healthy blood pressure. And after taking Striction BP, my B.P reading is 126/65 and also holding steady. I am quite happy and satisfied with its performance overall.

A review of Striction BP

A man suffers many diseases with the increasing age and high blood pressure is most common of them, nowadays. It has seen that most people don’t know how to deal with it and its medicines are so expensive that everyone can’t afford them. There are many expensive supplements available on the market but most of them are scams and fake and you only get different side effect from them. But there are some supplements like Striction BP also available in the market which can help you to control your blood pressure and maintain it at a constant level. I have also used Striction BP and got a permanent relief from it. This article will help you to understand more about Striction BP because I had a detailed study of Striction BP and decided to share my views with you. Moreover, you will get all the answers to your questions about Striction BP after reading this post.

What Striction BP can do for you?

Striction BP is an advanced and new supplement which can maintain the blood pressure at the normal level. It is effective, safe and 100% natural supplement made especially for the peoples who are worried about their health and want to get rid of high blood pressure disease. Its advanced formula has been clinically proven to reduce the blood pressure up to the normal level and improve the blood circulation in the body and also maintain the blood sugar level. it has anti-oxidants which improve your body cells and make the overall body fit internally. Unique blend of its ingredients can manage the blood pressure level easily and there are no side effects of its use. As compared to the other medicines its price is very affordable and its results are satisfied, tested in labs. Normally when a product formed its results are tested on the animals because there are chances of many health issues with the humans but in case of Striction BP, its results are tested directly on humans because this formula discovered after years of research by the team of doctors and found most effective to manage the blood pressure level.

Benefits of using Striction BP

In our daily routine there happens many events which causes the rise of blood pressure and for most of the peoples, it’s a normal and temporary thing and have no lasting effects on the health but in case of serious diseases like patients of Chronis Hypertension face higher risk of getting heart attack, kidney disease and even death with high blood pressure.

But you don’t need to worry more if you have the same problem with you because there is now Striction BP for you. It is all in one formula which helps to reduce the blood pressure level, lower the bad cholesterol and improve blood circulation of the body so that your body can remain fit and healthy. It has following proven benefits

  • It helps to lower the blood pressure
  • It can improve the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels
  • It helps to improve blood circulation
  • It helps to reduce overall LDL, the bad cholesterol level
  • It contains 100% natural ingredients
  • It has zero side effects
  • The capsules are easy to take twice in a day
  • It improves the cardiovascular health
  • It is a powerful antioxidant that boosts overall health
  • Its antioxidants properties help to clean your body from harmful components
  • It is low in price and effective in working
  • It for both males and females
  • It can protect your heart from any other disease

These are the useful benefits of Striction BP for the peoples who have high blood pressure problems and some other issues with their blood sugar levels. We all know that cholesterol is the main reason of high blood pressure in the body. You can eat healthy foods it will surely help to reduce the cholesterol level from your body but the use of Striction BP with healthy food is much more effective and useful which gives fast and effective results to control the blood pressure level. you can also feel these benefits after using Striction BP. Trust me there is no alternative of Striction BP in controlling the blood pressure level in an effective and safe way. So you can also use it without any fear of getting side effects from it and I am sure that after using it you will recommend it to others.

Striction BP controller

It’s a blend of unique ingredients

The secret behind its working is three key ingredients which are the backbone of this supplement. These three ingredients are Ceylon Cinnamon, Magnesium Malate and Vitamin B6. More details of these three unique ingredients are discussed below

Ceylon Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamons have a history of curing various heath diseases including high blood pressure. Among all the Cinnamons, Ceylon Cinnamon is considered to be a true Cinnamon and it is the only Cinnamon from its types which have the ability to maintain the both systolic and diastolic blood pressure at a safe level. It’s a clinically proven ingredient and many research studies have shown that it is very effective and beneficial in controlling the blood pressure. Ceylon Cinnoman Extract can dramatically reduce the blood pressure when it use properly. It is also used in many other medicines because it has essential oil that provides strong fragrance and flavor.

Magnesium Malate

Striction BP has magnesium in its each capsule in the form of Magnesium Malate. Magnesium Malate is the form of magnesium and has many benefits in controlling the blood pressure level. When the blood vessels become narrow due to some reasons then it causes the heart to exert more force for circulation of blood properly which causes a rise in blood pressure. Magnesium Malate can widen and relax your blood vessels so that there will be easy blood flow in the whole body which in results help to reduce the blood pressure. Magnesium Malate when combined with the Ceylon Cinnoman, it gives an unbeatable knock-out punch to reduce the blood pressure.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has thousands of proven benefits including treatment of heart diseases. Due to insufficient B6 in the body homocysteine grows up in the body which results in damaging the blood vessels lining. Vitamin B6 helps to reduce the risk of heart attack by repairing those blood vessels. It also helps to increase the cellular absorption quantity or rate of magnesium.

The unique blend of these three ingredients works in a very effective way to control the high blood pressure problem. There are no preservatives or additives in the formula of Striction BP so you won’t have any side effects from it. So it’s an ideal and best supplement for you.

Working of Striction BP

Most of the people experience rise in the blood pressure because of different daily events and several tensions in their busy schedule. Eating unhealthy and oily foods are also causing high blood pressure. Striction BP is made by the specialists by keeping in view all the factors which are responsible for high blood pressure. Its three key ingredients which I have discussed earlier in detailed can easily the control the blood pressure problems and help to maintain your body blood pressure smooth and constant. Striction BP improves the cardiovascular health and overall keeps your body fit internally. A man with a high blood pressure problem at last fed up by using expensive medicines and bills of doctors and feels no results therefore Striction BP is made especially for those kinds of peoples. Its working is excellent and found 100% safe and effective. It’s a best supplement over made for curing the high blood pressure problems.

Doctors also impressed from Striction BP

Striction BP is made after doing a lot of efforts of years by the specialists and there is no comparison of Striction BP among all the supplements, which are excessively available in the market and the manufacturers of which claim to manage your blood pressure effectively but the reality is totally inverse from their claims because many companies tried to make a supplement for blood pressure control but failed. After watching the results of Striction BP the doctors were also amazed and therefore now most of the doctors recommend only Striction BP for the management of blood pressure because it has all the features that can control your blood pressure and gives you not a single side effect. Truly speaking doctors really impressed from its working. Striction BP can change your overall lifestyle just give it one chance.

What Striction BP can do?

The clinical searches have shown that Striction BP can decrease the cholesterol level from 15 to 30% and bad cholesterol level from 10 to 30%. It improves blood sugar level up to 40% and triglycerides up to 35%. It also improves the LDL up to 30%. Striction BP helps to reduce the blood sugar levels because it has Cinnamon in it. All these results found in well conditioned and high-level unique labs, therefore, there is here is no doubt about its effective working. Researchers have also shown that Striction BP is perfect for the person who has both diabetic and high blood pressure problems because it was tested also on the person who had the combination of both diabetic and high blood pressure problem and found very effective in results.

It is more affordable than prescription and medication

Everyone knows that the prescription medication is how much expensive. Normally these medications cost more than $100 therefore everyone can’t bear such heavy expensive for treatment of high blood pressure problem. But now there is Striction BP and you can save a lot of money by using Striction BP than the other prescriptions and medications. It is like all in one solution for many of your problems. You don’t need to spend money on medication for diabetes and for blood pressure separately. You can use Striction BP if you have both the problems because Striction BP is made in such a way that it can cure both the diseases effectively.


Its dosage directions

Striction BP should be using as directed on its label or as prescribed by the doctor. You should use it on a regular basis in order to get maximum benefits from it. Its regular use will help you to get effective results instantly. If you are using it as directed by its officials then you will get the results immediately and if you are not use it according to the given advices of its officials then you may not get the desired results. However, you have to take some precautions also with it, for example, balance your diet and mood. This will surely help you to get positive results rapidly. Please ensure to read the dosage directions before using any medicine or supplement.

Things you should know before using it

In order to prevent any kind of side effect from it, you should know following things

Overdose of Striction BP is harmful to health

  • Keep out of range of children’s
  • Store in a dry and cold place
  • Keep away from moisture
  • Don’t use this medication without consulting about dosage with your physician
  • If you are below 18 then don’t use it
  • Results always differ from one person to other

For more details and queries, you can visit its official website. Always remember to read the instruction about any product before using it.

Some questions and their answers

If you have any question left on your mind then here are some popular questions with their answers. These questions can arise in your mind about Striction BP.

Question: Does Striction BP have any side effects?

Answer: As I discussed earlier it is the most trustable product which has proven results therefore there are no side effects of Striction BP. Moreover, there are no any complaint registered on the internet about Striction BP because I had detailed and comprehensive study of it from the internet.

Question: Is it a scam?

Answer No it is not a scam it’s totally genuine product with 100% effective results. So don’t you need to worry about its reliability. It’s a reliable supplement.

Question: How long its result last?

Answer: As long as you continue to use Striction BP you will get its benefits. Its results are long lasting and vary with the person to person.

These are some questions and their answers and now I am sure that there will be no question left in your mind about Striction BP but if you have any other question in your mind then you can visit the official website of Striction BP but I have tried my best to give all the information about Striction BP.

Some flaws of Striction BP

Here are some flaws of Striction BP which I have found on its official website.

  • You cannot use it without consulting your doctor or physician
  • It is not a registered trademark
  • Only peoples above 30 years of age can use it
  • It is not available in local stores

Normally no any company gives the flaws of his products and want to hide them from the customers for some reasons including the use of cheap and unhealthy ingredients in their products but in case of Striction BP because there are healthy and safe ingredients in it and there are no side effects after using it, therefore, the company don’t need to hide anything from its customers. The officials of Striction  BP mentioned these flaws on their official website so that everyone should know them before using Striction BP in order to get no side effects from it. But if you don’t read the instructions and recommendations and the flaws then it’s your fault, not its officials.

My experience of using Striction BP

I know how a person can feel with the high blood pressure problem because I have the same problem for many years. I have used various kinds of medicines for curing high blood pressure problem but those medicines feels good as long as I take them but as I left using them same problem again happened with me. Those medicines were so expensive and I could not take them on the regular basis. Once one of my friends suggested me to use Striction BP and because it was not so expensive as compared to the other medicines therefore I have decided to use it and found instant results from it. After using just one bottle of Striction BP with the precautionary measures given with it, I have no more this problem again in my life up to now and now I am happy and fully satisfied with my life. I also suggest you to use Striction BP if you are tired after using so expensive medicines. Moreover, I am recommending you Striction BP due to following reasons.

  • This formula can easily reduce the blood pressure problems with the help of all natural and safe ingredients
  • Striction BP will help in a reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • This formula can effectively lower bad cholesterol
  • Both males and females can use it
  • Many international health organizations approved it

It has many more benefits as I discussed earlier in this post. Therefore, there remains no ambiguity regarding Striction BP and if you have any ambiguity left in your mind then I suggest you visit its official website.

My final opinion

First time I saw the advertisement of Striction BP from the internet and it seems me impressive therefore I have read some articles and posts regarding it and almost everywhere I found that it’s genuine and useful. Everyone is happy after using it and therefore I have decided to use it and give my opinion too for the convenient of people who are suffering from high blood pressure problem.

As I have used it and experienced only benefits from it and also I have studied in detail from the internet before using it. I am happy that all my tension about high blood pressure came to an end after using it. Therefore I strongly recommend it for you, just give it a try and get its fruitful benefits as I got after using it. I am sure that you will also recommend it to other peoples after using Striction BP. So grab your bottle of Striction BP now and change your lifestyle.

Cost of Striction BP

Cost of Striction BP is just $89.70. It is very reasonable and affordable price as compared to the other medicines and supplements. If you are already wasted you’re a lot of money and precious time then I suggest you do not waste more you time and money because both thing are precious and start using Striction BP now.

Where to order/buy?

Now at last after reading this post I think you are ready to purchase your bottle of Striction BP and here is its purchasing method. You can order your Striction BP from its official website only. Peoples think that it should also be available on the local market but you should know that there are chances of fraud with you because with the same product name anyone can sales this product as a scam and in this way the company will be in loss and the trust of peoples reduce. So book you order now!

The price for Striction BP

Keep in mind Striction BP contain 120 capsules in each bottle and for 120 capsules they are charging you only $39.95 along with $5.99 shipment so within only $45.94 you will get your ideal B.P controlling medication which you are purchasing with money back guarantee offer so I guess it will not a big deal because no any other medication is offering such exclusive offers and rates today.

striction BP

Can Muscle Rev Xtreme Help Build Muscles?


Warning Muscle Rev Xtreme is next Scam? Read Muscle Rev Xtreme customer complains, side effects, ingredients, recommended dosage

Every man looks for a supplement like Muscle Rev Xtreme that offers numerous benefits in helping them improve their workouts and get results faster. Just sticking to a regular fitness routine is hard enough and results aren’t as fast as we would like them to be. I have seen many men strive for perfection and give up just as their body was getting used to the regular strenuous workouts because they just couldn’t see results fast enough. As a fitness instructor and weight lifter I know very well that a good supplement is essential for results, energy boost, and overall better workout. Unfortunately there are numerous supplements on the market today that offer the benefits but don’t deliver.

Since I train several very motivated guys I decided to do some research on some of the supplements on the market and see if there is anything worth recommending. Before I actually can recommend something though I do have to give it a shot myself first and with Muscle Rev Xtreme that’s exactly what I did. Here are my findings:

Muscle Rev X last

The Official Muscle Rev Extreme Website

The first step to my research takes me to the official website where I should be able to find all necessary information on the supplement and overall benefits and perhaps downfalls. I have visited more than enough of this type of websites to know more or less what to expect, and this one doesn’t fail me. Same structure and more or less same great words and images as all the other muscle building websites promoting a supplement out there. Still, I want to give it a shot and give it the benefit of the doubt and continue.

I initially found out about the supplement from a friend that had mentioned that it sounded great online. As I am keeping my ears peeled for good supplements I was on top of it immediately. The listed benefits by the official Muscle Rev Xtreme website are:

  • Builds Muscle Mass
  • Gain Strength
  • Boost Power and Endurance
  • Maximize Muscle Pumps
  • Enhance Libido
  • Arginine Boosting NO
  • No Jitters or Caffeine
  • NAD Nutrient Delivery
  • Creatine Free
  • No Sodium
  • Easy Capsule Form

See, nothing new. I will discuss the second half of these benefits a little later as they do come in an interesting form comparing them to other supplements.

Further into the official website I find some interesting information about Nitric Oxide (NO) and how it is made within the body and how you can boost it with a supplement. Generally NO is formed naturally within the body in the endothelial cells which line your blood vessels. These vessels are all over your body and as you work out the NO is boosted. Another way to boost NO is through a combination of ingredients taken by mouth which help increase the NO in the body. They go on to list the ingredients in Muscle Rev Xtreme and how it can even help prevent or even reverse heart disease.

Claims like these seem interested especially without actual proof. I would have liked to see some trials of the supplement and the results. Some percents and some real information as to how quickly you will get results and when will you see actual lean muscle. Overall, the amount of information in the website is so limited that you basically get a repeat of the same thing over and over again until you get to the bottom.

One thing I did find interesting is the way they presented the second half of the benefits. Using an Industrial Comparison chart with some other supplements on the market with probably a similar website and similar benefits the website shows how Muscle Rev Xtreme is superior. Out of the three supplements compared I have heard of one and found one, the other I couldn’t dig up anywhere.

Ingredients of Muscle Rev Xtreme

Aside from including the ingredients in their NO explanation they do provide a Supplement Facts sheet which won me over. I generally do not trust any supplement if they are not open about what is in it. Seeing this did help me regain some trust in them however you never know as neither the website nor the actual supplement are regulated or tested by the FDA so they can basically write anything on the website just to hook you without any law protecting you.

Supplement Facts

Vitamin B9 – this is actually a generally safe ingredient in small amounts as it is folic acid. The maximum amount recommended is about 400 mcg daily so you can avoid side effects. Here is what worries me. In Muscle Rev Xtreme there is 600 mcg per serving. In the case you do take more than the recommended amount, which if you take this supplement you will be, there is an alarming list of side effects which will follow.

Muscle Rev X

Proprietary Blend

  • Vitamin C and Calcium – I think we all know what they are and that there are no serious side effects if not taken in excess
  • Tri-Phase NO2 –actually, I couldn’t find any information on this ingredient or whether there are any side effects, how it works, or if it’s even safe to take. Found several advertisement pages for other supplements that it was an ingredient of but nothing more.
  • N.O. Super Molecule – unfortunately I was unable to find any information this ingredient either which is also rather alarming
  • L-Taurine – no known side effects and relatively safe
  • L-Norvaline – couldn’t find any substantial information on this ingredient either aside from basic promotional websites offering supplements with it as an ingredient.

For a while by offering a Supplement Facts image I was almost certain that there is a chance that this supplement could be it. At first glance the names of the ingredients seemed familiar but I couldn’t call to mind several of them. I have several trusted websites where I check ingredients on supplements and even medication to confirm their safety however, the fact that several of the ingredients could not be found anywhere is somewhat alarming. Either these aren’t the real names of the ingredients or perhaps they are not researched enough and promoted enough to actually have real information about them.


  • Gelatin Capsules
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Silicon Dioxide
All look relatively safe and un-alarming until I reach the last one:

Magnesium Stearate – So, as it turns out this ingredient actually has some pretty bad rep. I have read about it in the past and have made it a point to try and avoid it, though it seems to be everywhere. It is considered very dangerous as an additive in supplements but there is just no way to control its use. It has been known that this one ingredient is the cause for many of the side effects experienced from otherwise safe supplements. This ingredient can trigger severe headaches, digestive problems, stomach cramps, blurriness, and much more. I highly recommend avoiding anything with this ingredient and if at some point you do experience side effects from a supplement you are taking check for it.

So, overall, my research of the ingredients has left me empty handed and still eager to try the supplement to see what it’s about. Unless I try it I cannot give the guys a real review.

Muscle Rev X 2

Buying, Shipping, and Terms of Muscle Rev Xtreme

This is where it got interested I must say. I went back to the top of the official website and decided to put in my order. After all it says I get a Free Trial and regardless how long it is I can at least test to see if my energy is boosted and if I experience side effects. Should be more than enough time to get some real feedback before I cancel. So I add my information and am directed to the next page. Here is am provided with information about the price of the product which is at a nice round zero and slightly below I get further discount on the shipping to the point where it’s at the low price of $5.90 which is pretty acceptable. I then get ready to add my billing information and remember an experience I had in the past.

This immediately made me stop in my tracks as I had previously ordered a similar supplement not too long ago and was still dealing with working out some billing issues. So I decided to check their Terms & Conditions and realized once I started scrolling even further down that there is a small text almost completely out of the page which you actually have to go search for or else you will never notice it. Here they discuss that by purchasing this product you automatically agree to their Terms & Conditions (something I am used to seeing when I add my billing information and have to actually check off that I’ve read the Terms). Perhaps it’s nicely hidden away because the terms contain something I don’t want to see? I don’t know but continue reading and find out that this $5.90 for shipping is for a 14 day trial which begins the day I order not receive my package. This means I will most likely have only 10 days to try Muscle Rev Xtreme. Still, better than nothing and continue reading. If I don’t call them and cancel within the Trial period I will be charged $84.63 and 45 days later I will be automatically enrolled in their monthly auto ship program which means I will get another 30 day supply and be charged the discount price of $89.74 plus free shipping.

Now, let me tell you something. I am fighting a similar program right now and all I can say is run, run fast! The business of these companies is not to offer quality supplements and genuinely help you but to swindle you into clicking and ordering without reading the Terms & Conditions, which you automatically agree to. Nowhere else aside from there and at the very bottom of the purchase page will you find out how long your trial is for and the consequences of not cancelling in time and no prices are listed anywhere  on the website or even this page, of course, except for the tiny letters below.

Did I Buy Muscle Rev Xtreme?

I apologized to the guys at the gym as I felt that I have failed them. I decided against order the supplement because it seemed too much of a SCAM with their mysterious ingredients and scary membership program. As no supplements are regulated by the FDA the companies that sell them do as they wish. There is no guarantee that the ingredients are safe and pure, especially those mysterious ones, and no guarantee that they won’t take my money and run. Though perhaps the supplement may be effective, I rather not risk my health and a whole lot of money.

I personally would never order this supplement, at least not unless you just buy the bottle and that’s it, no membership programs and no trials. I prefer to pay upfront than not know when a charge will hit me. I cannot possibly recommend Muscle Rev Xtreme to any of the guys I train either because knowing the effects of supplements on the body and also the numerous dangers of taking unknown ingredients and supplements I simply cannot trust the results. If I am to offer a product and recommend one it certainly would not be something that I have not tried myself, and I admit I was too scared to give this a shot. Perhaps one day when I clear up my problems with the other membership program I will reconsider taking another risk. In the meantime, I do think that Muscle Rev Xtreme may be a decent supplement that helps however their official website is a scam that is out to get every penny of men looking for results.

Muscle Rev X

Garcinia Life Plus Review: Scam or Magic Pill

Garcinia Life Plus Review: IS it Scam or Magic Pill? Read Garcinia Life Plus all bad side effects, consumer complains, scam reports

The magic pill Garcinia Life Plus has flooded the internet offering the slim body you have always dreamed of without working out or dieting. Really? Is this possible? I myself have experimented with numerous supplements in hopes to find something to help me with my postpartum body but have failed to find something that works. I have little to no time to work out because of my daughter and it has become more and more difficult to drop the pounds which only increase. After several advertisements on Garcinia Life Plus I decided to give it a shot. Let’s see the results:

The Official Garcinia Life Plus Website

The things that the official Garcinia Life Plus website promises are beyond impressive. It says that if you hate to or don’t have time to exercise you will still lose weight! Because of the high consistency of HCA in the supplement hunger will be suppressed and fat will simply melt away all the while getting more energy. Could this really be the new magic pill to losing weight and if so, why aren’t more people taking it? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any further substantial information about the supplement, ingredients, or possible side effects in the official website, which in itself was somewhat disquieting.

Garcinia life plus

What is Garcinia Cambogia and where does it Come From?

Garcinia Cambogia, the main ingredient in Garcinia Life Plus is a pumpkin like fruit found in Southeast Asia and India. It was discovered that the natives have consumed it for centuries and have a number of uses for it including using it to reduce appetite while hunters are on long hunting trips. Although it does seem pretty reasonable that it could have similar effects on Westerners do bear in mind that after all, we not only eat a lot more junk food but we live relatively stagnant lives.

The reason Garcinia Cambogia has this effect is because it contains a lot of HCA which is Hydroxycitric Acid. HCA is extracted from the rind of the fruit and is known to increase serotonin levels and aid emotional eaters and prevents fat from being formed. These are all fantastic points but still not convincing enough.

The official Garcinia Life Plus has three easy to follow steps. Just take the pill 2-3 times a day, start burning fat, and transform your body. Sounds great but really??? Absolutely no effort? I cannot believe that this is possible and had to try it for myself.

My Experience with Garcinia Life Plus

I ordered a bottle of Garcinia Life Plus and dedicated two months to trying it. It cost me nearly $200 but I had to see if it really is that effective. I took it initially the first month without changing a thing. No added exercise or special diets, just the pills and what I’ve been doing so far. The first week was traumatizing to say the least, perhaps until my body got used to the effects of the supplement. I spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom and I had an upset stomach. They subsided slightly after the first week but I certainly took more bathroom breaks during those 2 months than I have in the last year.

The results from the first month were interesting but certainly not impressive. Perhaps because my metabolism got a kick in the butt I did manage to lose about 3-5 pounds but overall my body didn’t really change much. Considering the price and the effect on my body and daily routine I wouldn’t say it was really worth it. The second month I took the supplement I tried to find time at least 3 times a week to work out with one extensive workout and focused on eating healthier. The results were much better and nearly doubled but honestly, I think I would have been able to see these results even without the supplement if I had just done the workout and dieting alone. I am far from impressed.

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How does Hydroxycitric Acid Work?

Garcinia Life Plus contains HCA which is extracted from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit rind. Generally the recommended amount of HCA in supplements is 50% for it to have an effect. Unfortunately I did not see anywhere on the official website what percent HCA Garcinia Life Plus has. Not only that but you cannot see anywhere the types of ingredients aside from HCA that are found in the supplement.

HCA is known to inhibit citrate lyase enzyme which is found in the body. It is an essential catalyst within the metabolic process of converting carbohydrates into fat, so basically stops fat from forming. In addition to this HCA is also known to suppress appetite and help reduce cravings. This in turn is great for emotional eaters because it helps manage the stress hormone which is what piles fat onto the belly. On paper this all looks feasible and a great addition for anyone looking to lose weight but its effectiveness has still not been researched enough to guarantee results.

They Claim Garcinia Life Plus is ALL NATURAL but it DOES have Side Effects!

One thing that really irked me in the official Garcinia Life Plus website is that they keep claiming that it is 100% natural, 100% effective, and has no side effects. Though the HCA extract is natural that doesn’t necessarily mean that all ingredients are natural within the supplement to add to that you cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness with so little research and testing. Since supplements in general are not FDA approved or tested for safety and effectiveness generally there is no guarantee that what you read on websites such as these is true. With that said I did some research and found the following possible side effects, out of which I experienced nearly all.

Possible Side Effects from Garcinia Life Plus:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • Upset Stomach
  • Diarrhea

They aren’t serious and do not put your life in danger however back in 2009 the FDA warned everyone taking supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia to stop because there were many people that were left with serious liver problems. To this day it still isn’t known whether these problems were because of the Garcinia Cambogia or from other ingredients in the supplements themselves. Either way, considering this, make sure you do not take the supplement if you have liver or kidney problems just in case.

If you are taking medication do keep in mind that Garcinia Cambogia doesn’t interact well with the following medications:

  • Asthma & Allergy Medicines
  • Diabetes Medicines
  • Iron for Anemia
  • Pain Medicines
  • Prescriptions for Psychiatric Conditions
  • Statins (drugs lowering cholesterol)
  • Blood Thinners

Price and Payment Method

So, if you are still willing to try the supplement it’s important to know the process of purchasing it. Initially you can try the supplement for 14 days. This of course is not near enough time to actually see if it works for you. All you pay is shipping & handling at $4.95. Your 14 day trial begins the day you order not the day you receive the supplement, which is a very important detail or else you will be charged the full price of the bottle. If you do decide to continue with the Garcinia Life Plus you will be enrolled in their membership program where you will receive a new bottle every month and will be charged $79.95 for it. Personally, I avoid these types of programs primarily because you feel pressured in continuing, communication with customer service is near impossible, and the moment you try to cancel they try to sell you something else or keep you in the program.

So is it the Magic Pill?

In all honesty, I don’t think this supplement is for me. Garcinia Life Plus may be suitable for some people but with me it had pretty negative side effects that were far from comfortable and the price was outrageous. I don’t really think it is necessarily a SCAM but Garcinia Life Plus is not what I am looking for because I think I can achieve that kind of weight loss by spending that money on a gym membership and healthy food.

Garcinia life plus review

Original Garcinia Review

We are upset about our poor health and due to our increasing body weight. We have wished to become slim, smart and we also want to decrease the fat of belly. In this age, we want to look beautiful with smart figure. Huge figure completely reduces our beauty and also we feel ashamed due to our bulky figure. Fats formed in our body which creates many problems for us. We eat the food which contains fats in it without any care. We must avoid this food which stored fats. For this purpose, we take many medicines to become slim and also for weight losing. We should control our cholesterol level because cholesterol causes heart problems. We do walk and exercise daily. And also control the habit of extra eating. I was also totally disappointed about my increasing weight. I had a huge figure and many fats were stored in my body. I took steps to look slim and smart with flat belly. I also tried many things for the reduction of fats from my body. But I failed every time. Interested in Original Garcinia? I have tested Original Garcinia let me explain details review about Original Garcinia. After the usage of this supplement, I feel many changes in my body and it gives me healthy benefits.

What is it?

This is the amazing weight losing and fat burning supplement. It is very beneficial for me in losing my extra body weight. It helps me to become slim and smart as well as it provides me flat belly. This wonderful supplement burns all extra fats from my body and also reduces the accumulation of fats in my body. This supplement provides me healthy and strong figure. This supplement also enhances my level of metabolism and provides me energy and it is very helpful for me to perform daily activities. It also decreases my desire for eating food then my hunger level reduces. It also increases my level of serotonin. This product consists of 60 capsules hat are completely natural and helpful in burning all my stubborn fats. It gives me outstanding outcomes so, I suggest you this wonderful weight losing supplement.



This wonderful supplement is formulated from all natural ingredients as well as it does not contain harmful chemical compound in it. The most important and key component of this weight losing supplement is HCA. Hydroxycitric acid is extracted from Garcinia Cambogia, which is in the form of pumpkin fruit. This acid has strong ability to burn all stubborn fats from my body. It contains veggie capsules which are natural. It also contains extract of Garcinia Cambogia with 60% Hydroxycitric acid. The other ingredients which are used for the formulation of this supplement are calcium, potassium and also chromium. All these ingredients have no side effects on my body.

How does it work?

Original Garcinia is the amazing fat burning and weight losing supplement. It is natural, protective and works very efficiently on my body. This supplement helps to reduce my level of appetite due to which I eat less food and it also helps me to feel fuller all the time. This supplement stops the development of all extra fats in my body and burns all extra fats from my body. It increases my metabolic rate and also enhances my energy level and helps me to make active and energetic. This supplement also increases my serotonin level which further increases my mood and sleep well. This amazing supplement provides me slim and smart figure with flat belly.


The visible benefits

This amazing supplement is free from any kind of harmful chemical and also from side effects. It provides me many visible benefits like

  • This amazing product helps me to lose weight without diet and exercise
  • This active product burns all stubborn fats from my body
  • All ingredients which are use in this supplement are natural and pure
  • This supplement also consists of all ingredients which are very helpful for my better health
  • This amazing formula enhances my level of metabolism
  • This powerful formula also helps me to make active and energetic
  • This supplement is safe and frees any side effects
  • This supplement is formulated in of special laboratories of GMP
  • This amazing supplement gives me rapid and excellent results

Original Garcinia Side Effects?

This incredible supplement is formulated from all ingredients which are natural, pure and protective. All ingredients do not contain any harmful chemical and has no side effects. I do not feel any kind of side effects on my body while using this amazing supplement. This formula proves very efficient for me and consists of only ingredients which are tested. This formula is very beneficial for me in losing weight and burning extra fats from my body. It also helps me to look slim with flat belly. It provides me strong and healthy figure. Moreover, it may cause harm to my body if I not taken the instructions which are written on the label of this supplement.


  • This amazing formula is not suitable for people who under the age of 18
  • This formula is also not suitable for nursing mother
  • Pregnant women must avoid this weight losing supplement
  • Keep this supplement far away from the reach of children
  • Must store this supplement in a cool as well as at dry place
  • Use this supplement as per the correct instructions

Do I need doctor’s advice?

There is no need of doctor’s advice before using this amazing supplement. This supplement is natural and protective as well as it is very easy to use this supplement and it acts as safely. I must follow the directions which are typed inside the packet. But sometimes, there is need to consult with doctor when I am already taking some medicines for the purpose of losing weight. Then I follow the instructions of doctor before using this supplement.


How to take?

This wonderful supplement proves very effective for my body. It consists of veggie capsules which are natural. These veggie capsules contain HCA which has the capacity to burn extra fats from my body. I take 1 capsule daily before every meal.

Get rid of

  • It also helps me to relief from larger clothes
  • This supplement helps me to get rid of from fat body
  • I found this supplement also helpful for me to liberated from heavy weigh

Customer reviews

  • Mrs Sylvester- like others, I also wish to live slim and smart. But few months back I don’t know how my weight starts increasing. Those days I was suffering by some mental depression so when I consult with doctor and ask about the reason of my increasing weight, she simply replied, the tension which you are taking day and night is all being release in the shape of increasing weight. So she did fully checkup and recommend me Original Garcinia, and specially ask me to avoid unhealthy foods and also ask me to avoid taking tension. Those days my heavy weight even not allows me to do any routine work of life. So you can imagine how much my condition was bad those days. When I start using Original Garcinia, I was thinking, maybe it will perform or not because my condition was going down day by day. After the one week, I feel the ratio of increasing weight is stop, as well as my mind also become proper and start performing properly. Within next few weeks, I was just surprised because my unwanted fats also eliminate from my body as well as my level of focus also developed. And I feel fresh and more active all the time. Now its 2nd month ending, and I am sharing my condition with you and telling you regarding the effectiveness of Original Garcinia because it makes me feel healthy and fresh by reducing my whole unwanted fats from my body. I found Original Garcinia the most beneficial product, which not only helps in reducing my weight but also keep me overall healthy and energetic through safe and effective way. People who are worry about their increasing weight, not don’t worry because now the formula for maintaining the body is not far away from you, just order through official webpage and bring miracle changes in your life and got your desired body.
  • Mrs K. McNally- I believe increasing weight is not a issue now because Original Garcinia is available everywhere. I am skin specialist and always prefer the beauty. But during the job routine, I become very careless about my health. when my weight start increasing, I simply ignore it all and didn’t notice these changes but after one month I feel my whole clothes are being tight to me, then I realize that I have gain lots of pounds and hug fats are also store around my body. So then I decide to do some proper exercise but I could not manage some routine for it. Then I decide to consult with my friend who is dietitian so that I could get some weight losing supplement. When I consult with her, she asks me to try Original Garcinia, because now a day it’s the best fat burner product which not only make the body slim but also make energetic and healthy. After the consultation, I order its trail free pack and start using it. Believe me within only one month, my whole increased weight go decrease and I become slim, smart and energetic very well with the help of it.

Effect of OZ show

When ever a product featured on the Oz show’s, it leave both, good and bad effects.


The good effects

  • Promise which OZ did in his show regarding the weight losing become true
  • New formulas are being discuss in the mass level
  • Oz admit the effectiveness of Original Garcinia
  • The ratio of sale also increase, because people fully believe in Dr Oz show

The bad effects

  • Scammers create their own websites and take the advantage by using the name of brands
  • Scammer make much money by because they advertise very well and people start purchasing the crappy products as well, on the other hand the good and authentic supplier doesn’t advertise any thing
  • Those people who purchase from the fake people, they don’t even realize that how much ineffective product bought. When they start using, they could not get the results, and they simply assume that such product has not ability to provide results
  • When the fake product leave the bad impact on the consumer, the name of brand as well as reputation of Dr Oz both destroyed

Free Trial

Original Garcinia is available now in the trail offer, one who wants to check out the progress of this amazing supplement before purchasing or paying anything, all of them should attention because now a day the free trail offer of Original Garcinia is available. The confidence level of manufacturers, you can check that they are giving this amazing offer because they have firm believe on their product and they know the formula which they formulate has ability to perform for everyone. When my doctor ask me to use it, I also avail this offer very first time because I also don’t believe on its effectiveness but its trail offer make me trust on it and simply order the monthly pack of Original Garcinia after using 15 day trail version.

Where to buy?

Original Garcinia is only available online, so don’t waste your time in the market now because the manufacturers of Original Garcinia are not giving their stock to market. So if ever you found Original Garcinia in market, simply ignore it because this formula will be fake. If you want to gain the real fat burning formula on the urgent bases then simply login to official website of Original Garcinia today.