CogniQ Review: Newest Ultra Brain Supplement or the Latest Scam

So, recently there is no way for you to get online and search for supplements without coming upon CogniQ. It has literarily taken over the internet with its promises of being the #1 rated all natural smart pill and nearly promising that your IQ will skyrocket by simply taking a pill. They claim that it offers intense focus that completely clears your mind allowing optimal mental absorbtion, gives you ultimate mental clarity by enhancing neurotransmitters in the brain, and provides cognitive precision like no other by storing learned information far more effectively. Nootropics have been claiming to be the newest smart pills and the website claims that it has been proven ingredient that really works. But does it really work?

Initially I wasn’t really looking for a smart pill. I actually had no idea they existed or that I need one but after looking for a supplement that could give me more energy at work they convinced me that I had a problem and that I needed it. Of course, I couldn’t leave things just be, I had to actually review it and see if it really is what they claim. I couldn’t fathom how it is possible for a supplement to improve the way your brain functions.


The Problem

One of the first things discussed in the website is how there is a problem. A problem that we all face especially once we pass the age of 30. They claim at once you pass your 30 year peak you begin to experience “brain power” loss and loss of “cognitive performance”.  This means that regardless how on the point you were in the past, how concentrated, how dedicated, after you pass 30 years old you begin to dwindle in performance. This I had no idea actually took place and they did a great job at convincing me that my brain really did slow in function, I gotta give it to them.

They even give a list of symptoms of which I should look for which means that I am experiencing loss of brain power and generally aging which we all fear so much. Here they are:

  • Low mental performance
  • Low energy
  • Less motivation
  • Less focus
  • Concentration difficulty
  • Forgetfullness

Loss of memory

Quite honestly, when I think about it at any point of my life I have experienced at least one or every one of these “symptoms” of aging, even at 16 when I definitely had extensive lack of motivation to study. With that said, now that I think about it, this list was simply developed for you to go down this list and say, “check, check, check, yup I need a supplement to help my brain. I’m old. “ They claim that from the age of 25-70 we lose approximately 60% of our mental focus. To an extent I think they may be true but I think their approach was a bit drastic though quite effective.

They also discuss a number of facts about the brain which includes how brain sharpness of memory is lost as early as 30 and this is not just due to our aging. The official CogniQ website discusses how this is all because of the food we eat every day and how they deplete our abilities. Here they further influence you to buy the product by showing you that there really is only one realistic option of improving your brain power. This is because they discuss how the only two options available are to either drastically change your diet and eat very strickt brain food or to simply take a supplement otherwise you will experience rapid memory loss and focus depletion. How their supplements contains all of the natural ingredients required to get you back on track and increase your daily energy levels. I highly doubt there is anyone out there that will say, no, I think I’ll change my diet because I forgot my office keys at home.  Well played.


Advanced CogniQ Cognitive Formula

I found this portion of the official website quite interesting as it discusses the way the supplement functions, shares some research data, and of course, advertises the supplement further.

More Memory – increases memory recall in both men and women from the early 20’s to late 30’s with noticeable significant increase in short term memory and some increase in long term memory while in 40-65 year olds significant increase in both.

More Energy – brain energy that is. You will experience an increased boost in energy the moment you take the supplement allowing you to stay focused and alert throughout the day. The good thing is that you don’t experience the standard mid-afternoon crash which usually comes with common energy boosters.

More Motivation and Focus – here again they make it seem like it is impossible for us to NOT have problems with our brains by completely scaring you with claims that every day brain cells die as our bodies change every day. Though to an extent this is true it is kind of scary when you read it and it makes you feel as if every day that you don’t take their supplement your brain slowly dies. They touch upon aging as well and how the daily stress further speeds up this process.

The official CogniQ website claims that the ingredients and vitamins found in it are calculated in dosage absolutely perfectly in order to improve all areas of your brain including problem solving capacities, long and short term memory, focus, and more.


How CogniQ Works

Well, I actually got very little information about how the supplement works as there is very little information actually shared about the effects of the ingredients or in fact, what the ingredients are. I personally refuse to trust any supplement or website selling such supplement that does not offer any actual information about the ingredients because this is the only way for me to dig deeper and research if the supplement really is safe and effective. The only information I found under “how” the supplement works gave little to no real information. Just discussed how safe the supplement was and how it requires taking no more than one pill a day to get results as it is 100% natural. It also discusses that it offers a brain boost due to the perfect cognitive blend in each capsule which has immediate effect on your energy and focus. Lastly the only information provided was the nice list of benefits and results such as:

  • Improve brain and memory
  • Noticeably more focus
  • Happier disposition
  • Boost in brain reaction
  • Impressive energy
  • Increased memory recall
  • Basically repeating everything they have been boasting about in a list form. Nothing new…again.

My Problem with CogniQ

So, although perhaps this supplement may be effective for some people the way that it is advertised is rather frustrating. They share little to no real and valid information that actually shows that the supplement is and the information that has been shared is simply repeated over and over again in dofferent form. They claim that the supplement has become nearly impossible to find because of its high demand yet I did some research online and honestly didn’t really find that many people that have genuinely tried it but rather a number of very energetic and positive reviews and comments that look incredibly fake as if they were paid to be written.

Of course, they do touch upon how it is the latest potent Nootropic that has become the leading “smart supplement” on the market but today, after some serious research, I found that EVERY SINGLE supplement offering boost in brain power claims to have Nootropics and honestly I found little to no real information about it really being effective. As per the official CogniQ website they give a definition of Nootropics which states that they improve mental function such as concentration, motivation, attention, intelligence, and cognition but have found no information to back these claims.

I think the only real good thing about this supplement is actually the fact that it is 100% natural though on the other hand I cant really know that as there is no list of ingredients. They discuss that there are numerous research driven human studies which do confirm that it is effective and safe but don’t actually share information about these studies which I would have enjoyed reading through.

Reviews and Comments about CogniQ

As I mentioned above I had to dig deep outside of the official website as I wanted to find some real feedback and information about the product. Unfortunately, no such information was found anywhere except for the obvious positive reviews and comments which provided nothing more than a rewrite of the information I found in the website. It is so obvious that they are paid that it hurts, especially when you see the same comment on 5 different websites with different names and dates while with others they didn’t even bother chancing even that. This of course is more than frustrating.

How to Buy and the Terms

The only thing I DID like about the supplement aside from it being 100% natural is that it does not have the shady “free” trial. The moment I see that I run. What they offer are 3 different options to purchase the supplement. I did check their terms and conditions to look for signs that there will be an auto-ship membership but found nothing of the sort which leaves us with the following options:

  • 5 Bottles – $149.95
  • 3 Bottles – $113.82
  • 1 Bottle – $49.95

They also offer a 90 day money back guarantee but I honestly couldn’t find much on it in the website. I do believe that it is available for ALL of the available purchase options all you have to do is give them a call, there is a $10 stocking fee however.

My Experience

Of course I had to order the supplement in order to complete this review. Although I took it for only about 15 days because I have a sensitive stomach and something in the supplement was not sitting well for me, I do think that it really didn’t have the right effect on me. I did not experience any major brain boost or felt smarter or anything. I guess perhaps I did have some extra energy but nothing mind blowing and I certainly did not feel smarter or more focused. Perhaps I am too far behind to try and catch up now? Not sure but I don’t think it was much of a loss that I stopped taking the supplement.

In Conclusion…

The price of a one month supply is actually pretty decent and competitive with the other products available online these days. Although I am certain that there may be people that may have better results with the supplement than I did I do believe that they overshot their advertisement and gave unrealistic expectations which result in disappointment. I personally did not experience anything drastic or impressive that I feel the need to note it and although I did feel slightly more energetic I cannot say whether this was due to the supplement. The lack of information and overall sloppy development of the official website I do feel as if this could be more of a scam than the impressive pill they make it out to be.

I think that you should not fall for such claims that your brain power is failing or that you are old. If a company has the need to focus on common insecurities to sell their product this means their product and the company may just be a scam. Considering the low price of the supplement it doesn’t hurt to try. Although CogniQ may actually be effective and safe as the official website claims I still prefer to look for an alternative to improving my brain power rather than spending money on a supplement that I personally felt no real results with.


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