Garcinia Life Plus Review: Scam or Magic Pill

Garcinia Life Plus Review: IS it Scam or Magic Pill? Read Garcinia Life Plus all bad side effects, consumer complains, scam reports

The magic pill Garcinia Life Plus has flooded the internet offering the slim body you have always dreamed of without working out or dieting. Really? Is this possible? I myself have experimented with numerous supplements in hopes to find something to help me with my postpartum body but have failed to find something that works. I have little to no time to work out because of my daughter and it has become more and more difficult to drop the pounds which only increase. After several advertisements on Garcinia Life Plus I decided to give it a shot. Let’s see the results:

The Official Garcinia Life Plus Website

The things that the official Garcinia Life Plus website promises are beyond impressive. It says that if you hate to or don’t have time to exercise you will still lose weight! Because of the high consistency of HCA in the supplement hunger will be suppressed and fat will simply melt away all the while getting more energy. Could this really be the new magic pill to losing weight and if so, why aren’t more people taking it? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any further substantial information about the supplement, ingredients, or possible side effects in the official website, which in itself was somewhat disquieting.

Garcinia life plus

What is Garcinia Cambogia and where does it Come From?

Garcinia Cambogia, the main ingredient in Garcinia Life Plus is a pumpkin like fruit found in Southeast Asia and India. It was discovered that the natives have consumed it for centuries and have a number of uses for it including using it to reduce appetite while hunters are on long hunting trips. Although it does seem pretty reasonable that it could have similar effects on Westerners do bear in mind that after all, we not only eat a lot more junk food but we live relatively stagnant lives.

The reason Garcinia Cambogia has this effect is because it contains a lot of HCA which is Hydroxycitric Acid. HCA is extracted from the rind of the fruit and is known to increase serotonin levels and aid emotional eaters and prevents fat from being formed. These are all fantastic points but still not convincing enough.

The official Garcinia Life Plus has three easy to follow steps. Just take the pill 2-3 times a day, start burning fat, and transform your body. Sounds great but really??? Absolutely no effort? I cannot believe that this is possible and had to try it for myself.

My Experience with Garcinia Life Plus

I ordered a bottle of Garcinia Life Plus and dedicated two months to trying it. It cost me nearly $200 but I had to see if it really is that effective. I took it initially the first month without changing a thing. No added exercise or special diets, just the pills and what I’ve been doing so far. The first week was traumatizing to say the least, perhaps until my body got used to the effects of the supplement. I spent quite a bit of time in the bathroom and I had an upset stomach. They subsided slightly after the first week but I certainly took more bathroom breaks during those 2 months than I have in the last year.

The results from the first month were interesting but certainly not impressive. Perhaps because my metabolism got a kick in the butt I did manage to lose about 3-5 pounds but overall my body didn’t really change much. Considering the price and the effect on my body and daily routine I wouldn’t say it was really worth it. The second month I took the supplement I tried to find time at least 3 times a week to work out with one extensive workout and focused on eating healthier. The results were much better and nearly doubled but honestly, I think I would have been able to see these results even without the supplement if I had just done the workout and dieting alone. I am far from impressed.

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How does Hydroxycitric Acid Work?

Garcinia Life Plus contains HCA which is extracted from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit rind. Generally the recommended amount of HCA in supplements is 50% for it to have an effect. Unfortunately I did not see anywhere on the official website what percent HCA Garcinia Life Plus has. Not only that but you cannot see anywhere the types of ingredients aside from HCA that are found in the supplement.

HCA is known to inhibit citrate lyase enzyme which is found in the body. It is an essential catalyst within the metabolic process of converting carbohydrates into fat, so basically stops fat from forming. In addition to this HCA is also known to suppress appetite and help reduce cravings. This in turn is great for emotional eaters because it helps manage the stress hormone which is what piles fat onto the belly. On paper this all looks feasible and a great addition for anyone looking to lose weight but its effectiveness has still not been researched enough to guarantee results.

They Claim Garcinia Life Plus is ALL NATURAL but it DOES have Side Effects!

One thing that really irked me in the official Garcinia Life Plus website is that they keep claiming that it is 100% natural, 100% effective, and has no side effects. Though the HCA extract is natural that doesn’t necessarily mean that all ingredients are natural within the supplement to add to that you cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness with so little research and testing. Since supplements in general are not FDA approved or tested for safety and effectiveness generally there is no guarantee that what you read on websites such as these is true. With that said I did some research and found the following possible side effects, out of which I experienced nearly all.

Possible Side Effects from Garcinia Life Plus:

  • Dizziness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • Upset Stomach
  • Diarrhea

They aren’t serious and do not put your life in danger however back in 2009 the FDA warned everyone taking supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia to stop because there were many people that were left with serious liver problems. To this day it still isn’t known whether these problems were because of the Garcinia Cambogia or from other ingredients in the supplements themselves. Either way, considering this, make sure you do not take the supplement if you have liver or kidney problems just in case.

If you are taking medication do keep in mind that Garcinia Cambogia doesn’t interact well with the following medications:

  • Asthma & Allergy Medicines
  • Diabetes Medicines
  • Iron for Anemia
  • Pain Medicines
  • Prescriptions for Psychiatric Conditions
  • Statins (drugs lowering cholesterol)
  • Blood Thinners

Price and Payment Method

So, if you are still willing to try the supplement it’s important to know the process of purchasing it. Initially you can try the supplement for 14 days. This of course is not near enough time to actually see if it works for you. All you pay is shipping & handling at $4.95. Your 14 day trial begins the day you order not the day you receive the supplement, which is a very important detail or else you will be charged the full price of the bottle. If you do decide to continue with the Garcinia Life Plus you will be enrolled in their membership program where you will receive a new bottle every month and will be charged $79.95 for it. Personally, I avoid these types of programs primarily because you feel pressured in continuing, communication with customer service is near impossible, and the moment you try to cancel they try to sell you something else or keep you in the program.

So is it the Magic Pill?

In all honesty, I don’t think this supplement is for me. Garcinia Life Plus may be suitable for some people but with me it had pretty negative side effects that were far from comfortable and the price was outrageous. I don’t really think it is necessarily a SCAM but Garcinia Life Plus is not what I am looking for because I think I can achieve that kind of weight loss by spending that money on a gym membership and healthy food.

Garcinia life plus review

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