King Size Male Enhancement Review: Can it REALLY give me Length and Thickness?

Highly advertised by the well known porn start Bree Olson the newest supplement for men, King Size Male Enhancement, claims that your penis can gain length and thickness by just popping a pill. They don’t claim just this, they also claim that you will be able to experience sex like never before and the hardest hardons you have ever had. Anyone that has ever had problems under the covers due to size or performance would think this is the next best thing to sliced bread but is this really possible? Actually, real research, or at least the research I have done, clearly states that this is nearly impossible and that to achieve any sort of growth you would need special equipment and exercises to get even small results. With that said, there are new breakthroughs every day so who knows, perhaps they have found the Holy Grail of penis enlargement.

My sex life has been somewhat non-existent due to my low self esteem because I am not necessarily well endowed. Today there is so much focus on the side of the penis that it has become a real problem for me to actually even try to approach a woman. I have had relationships in the past but they were few and they all ended bad. I feel that I pushed them away and once they left me all I could think about is that they left because of the size of my package. Although I have more or less given up on the possibility of enlarging my penis by if there is a chance why not?

What Exactly is King Size Male Enhancement?

As per the official website it is not only recommended by but demanded on the set by Bree Olson. King Size Male Enhancement is developed by the conglomerate of adult entertainment industry production companies. When it was developed they had only one goal and that is to give men the real and permanent penis gains in both size and performance. They have done extensive research in both scientific and medical literature in order to find the perfect combination for this formula so you get results. The results they claim are that it helps your penis grow in both length and girth, increases your desire, and helps get and keep you hot. So far more than half a million men have tried the supplement and they are all happy with the results.

Why and Who Needs King Size Male Enhancement

Of course, they list numerous benefits on the official website. The key point they want to make though is that it is both safe and easy to use. They claim that it gives the same results but it is easier to use than the strange contraptions that you can buy or the exercises which take a lot of time and energy. The way that this supplement works is that its fusion of natural ingredients and herbs work to enhance the flow of blood in the penis thus helping the penile chambers enlarge. This results in a larger penis in both length and girth. They claim that the results you get from exercises you can get with the supplement only much faster and easier. In less than 6 weeks the official website claims that you will be able to see results.

The all natural formula helps with growth by stimulating the way new cells are developed and thus regenerates the penis. The penis begins to grow gradually as the penile chambers are expanded. In addition to this you will be able to experience longer erections and your penis will look 100% natural because the supplement works naturally to increase size. One of the best parts is that the end result looks completely natural as it is with a natural hung lump size meaning you will have results not only when you are erect.

So, hooked yet? Well, they definitely do a great job of advertising the product. I certainly fell for it for a while until I realized and remembered that to date there is NO PILL THAT CAN MAKE YOUR PENIS LARGER.

How it Works

King Size Male Enhancement works in two ways. First, by boosting your testosterone levels it helps improve your overall sex drive allowing you to get aroused much faster and easier. This will result in much harder erections and a completely natural support of the natural production of free testosterone in your body which in itself has numerous great benefits  aside from better erections and more intense sex.

Boosting Nitric Oxide (NO) is the second way that King Size Male Enhancement works. Erectile tissues are fed directly by simply increasing the Nitric Oxide in the body. As it provides more blood and nutrients to the three penile chambers which I mentioned above they fill giving you impressive results like bigger and harder erections that last longer than ever.

They claim to have calculated the exact formula to provide your body with the perfect combination to help you reach your maximum erectile potential. You will get an increase of production of dopamine as well as get additional prostate stimulates which is exactly what you need for those amazing ejaculations that completely blow your mind. Not only that, they claim you will be able to recover much faster and repeat.

Here is the unbelievable part: they claim that it can help you gain up to 4 inches in length and nearly 2 inches in girth and that’s for only 90 days. Of course, on paper it looks great but when you really think about it, it’s impossible.

What Caught my Eye

Although I personally cannot attest on whether King Size Male Enhancement really works just yet but just based on the official website and of course the real and well known names in the industry that stand behind it, and the amount of information provided about it, it looks good. I found plenty of additional pages within the website that offer even more information, though mostly repeated, they did put forth some effort. Although I really don’t think that this could possibly work their product is definitely well presented.

What Put me Off of King Size Male Enhancement

I think it’s perfectly understandable that there are plenty of things that I am not all too happy with when it comes to this supplement. There is one very important thing to  remember and that is that supplements are not regulated. This means they can claim anything they like without even a slap on the hand. Although the website does have numerous web pages and plenty of information about the product there is absolutely no information about the ingredients. This alone makes it all look very shady as there is no way to actually confirm whether the supplement is effective and more importantly, safe. Before I take any supplement I like to be able to research it thoroughly.


They do offer brief information about how it works, but very brief. In two short sentences they explain the whole process which I feel if it is that simple by now there shouldn’t be any unhappy men with their size. The only thing they mention is that the supplement helps boost Nitric Oxide and Testosterone levels and when I used to work out I took supplements with the same effects and they certainly had NO EFFECT ON MY PENIS SIZE. So, either there are some other special ingredients that have an increasing effect or this is a complete scam.

Benefits Claimed by Official Website

There is certainly no shortage of benefits for this supplement as per the official website.

  • Rock Hard Erections and Performance
  • Ready Anytime and Anywhere
  • No Side Effects
  • Increases Length and Girth
  • Boosts Nitric Oxide
  • Regularly Used in Porn Industry
  • 100% Natural

Another interesting claim by the official website is that if you don’t get results you get your money back. This seems like an opportunity you can’t pass up. Unfortunately I was unable to find concrete terms on this and honestly they always leave loopholes through which to get out of so I highly recommend you don’t put your money on that.

How and Where to Buy and the Terms

I tried to find this supplement in stores but was unable to. The only place to buy it is from the official website. They even offer free Bree Olson DVD’s which makes it that more attractive to most men.

These are your purchase options:

Although the prices do look great it is important to note that you cannot be guaranteed any sort of real results with just a one month supply. This means you have to invest in at least 3 to 6 month supply of the product to see real results as they claim you will see results between 60 and 90 days.

What I Found on Other Websites

So, considering the way it has been advertised you can imagine that this product is selling like hotcakes. Unfortunately I have not found that many positive reviews, at least not that many honest ones. Most of them look completely fake and paid. This leads me to believe that the results in general are far less impressive than promised. Most of the reviews were of disappointment and discouragement of how the product was not as effective as originally promised and in the end getting their money back was nearly impossible if not completely. Unfortunately regardless how original and “informative” their website is it couldn’t make their product effective.

I Tried It

In order to make sure that the review is complete I had to order at least a one month supply. Unfortunately this is far from enough to really give you real results but at least I wanted to see if it gave those immediate thunder hard-on results and great orgasms.

As per the official website you are supposed to take the supplement before you do the deed. This automatically leads me to believe that it really cannot possibly have permanent effects if it has immediate results right before you jump into bed. Although I tried the supplement for a month and though I did not experience any growth as expected for such a short period I wanted to see if I experienced any of the other benefits. Honestly, I experienced absolutely nothing. No amazing orgasms, no super hard erections, and my control was pretty much the same, almost nonexistent. Considering there is Nitric Oxide and Testosterone boosting ingredients in the supplement I do admit that I experienced slight boost in energy and did recover slightly faster which are common benefits. I can’t say that this supplement could actually change my life or anything like that though.

In Conclusion…

Of course, although I understand that there was no way to actually see if it has any effect on my size I was surprised that there was no effect on my performance either or my erections in general. I was ready to put my money down that it will actually boost desire and make my erections stronger and last longer but unfortunately I would have lost. Considering the lack of impressive results from this little experiment I can honestly say that I do not think that it is possible for this supplement to make my penis grow. If you still have hopes order but remember that to get results you have to take it for 60-90 days and from the looks of it continue taking it for quite some time for real long lasting results, as per the official website.

Although the official website impressed me I am disappointed by its lack of real information. The supplement was also far from impressive which really disappointed me as well. There is still no real proof that it is possible for a supplement to increase your penis length and girth. Unfortunately with just increasing Nitric Oxide and Testosterone as mentioned in King Size Male Enhancement it is virtually impossible to make your penis larger.

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